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What is Pickleball?

Are you looking for a sport that gives you that adrenaline rush in your whole body? Pickleball has got it all. You might be wondering what is pickleball game but don’t worry. Today we are going to tell you all about this fun game.

Pickleball has gained so much popularity to the extent of being played in schools, college campuses, and even as a recreational sport. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on this exciting easy to play the game right? So let’s get started!

Brief History

This game is one of the fastest-growing sports in America and was originally started in 1965(Washington State). It was a popped-up idea upon boredom of 3 men’s families on a Saturday afternoon.

If we take a closer look at this game, it is a combination of three games. These games are namely tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Barney McCallum who was among the men behind the creation of this exciting game invented the first paddle for pickleball on his basement bandsaw.

Pickleball, Inc was a company that was created in 1972 in which McCallum was incorporated. This company is still manufacturing pickleball gear even today. The “pickleball” name’s derivation has quite many theories behind it. The first theory is of Pritchard’s family dog that was named Pickles. The dog would chase after the balls and thus they named the game Pickleball.

Another theory states that Pritchard’s wife who was a rower thought of a ‘pickle boat’ which was made of spare oarsmen from other crews. Thus, because this game borrows some features from 3 sports mentioned above, they thought “Pickleball” was the best name.

Pickleball is easier to play and accommodates every age group. The age group range is from teenagers to those in the 50s or 60s. The senior age group is the most popular and research shows that they really love the sport as it rejuvenates their energy. It is really a sport that welcomes everyone and has no restrictions or whatsoever.

On another note, the game is a very good way of exercising and has good health benefits. This game takes less time to learn and the good thing is that you get to learn more skills through more practice and playing. This game is very flexible because it can be played both indoor and outdoor.

Pickleball Gear

This game doesn’t need a lot of equipment to start with. The gear is simple and inexpensive. You just need a pair of comfy sporty shoes, a hard-plastic pickleball with 26-40 holes, nets, bags, and a good pickleball paddle that suits your ability and has good control. A pickleball is identical to a whiffle ball though it is made more durable for the game. The balls are designed specifically to suit both indoor and outdoor play. The indoor balls have fewer holes whilst the outdoor balls have numerous holes.

Long back, paddles used to be made of wood only but with the fast evolution of pickleball, there are now new materials used. Some material used is graphite and aluminum which makes the paddles lightweight and easy to use. These usually come in measurements approximately 8″ wide and 15″ in length however, there can vary according to different brands.

The pickleball court is a badminton-sized one that measures 20 by 44 inches and is used for both singles and doubles. The net used is 36 inches tall and is assumed to be a modified tennis net that is a bit lower. The playing zone for this game is very compact which makes it more fun to play even in your backyard.

How the game is played

The pickleball game is played as singles and doubles through the doubles are more common. The singles game is played by 2 players, one on each side of the net. The doubles game involves two players on each side of the net making a total of four players on the court.

A seven-foot no-volley zone on each side of the net is to prevent “spiking”. A player should allow the ball to bounce before hitting it with the paddle at least one time from the beginning of the game. This is a two bounce rule in pickleball.

When playing, the server should hit from behind the baseline on one side of the center line and aim diagonally to the opponent’s service court. Every point has to begin with an underarm serve that is diagonally hit. The pickleball game is played to 11points and a win must be by two points always. If you want to learn more about scoring visit .

Pickleball Serving

Serving is the first shot that is played in the game. When serving, it is always required to do it diagonally and on the right side. It is done underhand with the paddle beneath the navel level. One should make sure that the ball doesn’t bounce when hitting it into the air. The server should make sure that both feet are kept behind the backline when serving.

When one is serving, there are 3 lines that need to be observed carefully. These are the sideline, centerline and the baseline. If you step on these lines during the game it is rendered a fault

What is a fault in pickleball?

Certain moves are regarded as faults in pickleball and one should take note of them. One of them is hitting the ball out of bounds. Failing to clear the net as well is considered as a fault. Volleying the ball while the foot is in the no-volley zone is regarded a s a fault in the game. Stepping into the non-volley zone also known as the “kitchen” in the process of volleying the ball is considered a fault as well. Therefore one ought to know these faults before playing to avoid losing points.

Frequently asked questions about pickleballl:

What is the double bounce rule in pickleball?

This is also known as the two bounce rule. When the ball is served, the opposing team should let it bounce before it returns. The double bounce rule doesn’t necessarily mean that the ball has to bounce twice on each side of the net.cA simple explanation of this rule is that the ball has to bounce once on each side.

What is the kitchen in pickleball

Pickleball kitchen is an area of the court that has rules that apply to players on the Dos and Don’ts. It is the non-volley zone that stretches seven feet from both sides of the net

What is the best pickleball paddle

There are certain features to consider when choosing the best paddles. These are being light-weight, good paddle grip size, and the material used. Nowadays there are graphite and aluminium paddles that are very light and durable. Our best recommendation would be the and the .

What is a dink pickleball?

This is a shot that is regarded as the most effective in pickleball. It is a soft shot that is hit on a bounce from the non-volley zone . The ballshould curve over the net and land on the opposing zone being straight across or diagonally.

Where is pickleball most popular?

Where it all started is where it is popular and that is in the America. It also popular in Canada and slowing into the the whole world.

Pickleball is a great game and like any other sport, it has its own basic rules to follow. So if you want to kick-start right away just have the proper gear and learn a few rules then you are good to go. Have fun in your play!