Sun City pickleball paddles

Have you ever heard of noise pollution? Of course, most of us are aware of what it is and the dangers it may pose to people. Pickleball is a smart game that can be played at any time for exercise or for leisure. Most people enjoy the “pop” sound made by the paddle, but unfortunately, this sound can impact your neighbors or those who are in close proximity to your court.  In most cases, this game has picked a bad name due to the loud noise made by the paddles. This effect has affected many people to the extent that the law itself was engaged therefore, to combat this challenge Directors of the Sun City Grand developed a sound test to determine whether a pickleball paddle sits within an acceptable noise band. Therefore, for you to enjoy the game without any disturbances one can only choose the best paddle which is noise-free and at the same time comfortable to use. The list is from the Green zone which is regarded as the noise-free zone paddles comprise of Bantam Ex -L paddles, Selkirk Amped S2 X5 FiberFlex, Encore Composite, Onix Evoke Graphite XL paddle just to mention a few. Red paddles were banned from use by many associations that follow the guidelines. Yellow paddles are at risk of being banned in the future. It is important to check that a paddle contains adequate noise-canceling properties before you buy.

Green – Zone approved pickleball paddles

These are paddles that meet the green-zone approved criteria, meaning they do not surpass noise-making guidelines that are enforced by many pickleball associations and clubs. The game has taken things the right way by introducing paddles that are fit for the game and noise-free. Therefore, players can now enjoy the game free from neighbors complaining about noise from the paddles.

Selkirk Amped S2 X5 FiberFlex paddle

Selkirk has been innovative and made this paddle which is quiet and approved by Sun City. This paddle reduces noise and absorbs shock and is priced at the top end of the market. This paddle comes in two weight options that is either lighter weight or medium weight. The lighter paddles weigh 7.2ounces and the middle one weighs 8,2ounces. Its width is 8″ which provides loads of hitting surfaces with a larger than the most sweet spot. The paddle’s core has been made with a technology that reduces noise and vibrations hence making X5 a very quiet paddle. The face of this paddle is made of fiberflex material which allows those looking for a pop the ball off the paddle during contact. This paddle has advanced technology and one has the chance to enjoy the ingenuity.


  • great technology that reduces vibrations and noise
  • fiberflex face technology
  • X5 core technology

Bantam Ex-L paddle

This paddle is amazing and it contains a specialized polymer core that dampens noise and creates quiet contact with the ball. The fiberglass face cannons balls across the court like all great paddles and the good part about this paddle is that quality did not compromise performance. This paddle weighs between 7.7-8.4 ounces and its paddle width is 7-7/8″. This is good for those players who enjoy the comfort of the paddle that has a large sweet spot.  Its core is made from specialized polymer that has the capacity to absorb shock and noise perfectly. Its fiberglass face creates epic pop off the paddle face. The paddle’s grip is long that is 51/8″ and this paddle is good as it creates power and is close to the kitchen.


  • very cheap that is its priced less than $100
  • specialized polymer core than dampens noise
  • fiberglass face that creates epic pop

Titan Pro Black Diamond Series paddle

This paddle has brought about a change in the paddle market and it’s well cushioned with the extra-large hitting surface, premium materials, and razor-thin edge guard.  The paddle consists of a black carbon fiber face that provides ample pop while the polymer core inside is full of sound-absorbing properties. The materials are well blended that is to offer maximum ball control and superior play. This paddle has a polymer-honeycomb quadcore and carbon fiber paddle face so its got all the shock absorbency and distribution that one needs to mute noise.

The paddle has a metallic feel as it has clean lines and a great design. The paddle weighs 7.6 and 8.1 ounces and its length is 151/2″, the width of 713/16″. The good part about this paddle is that it comes up with fabulous colors that are gold, rush, silver lining, and copperhead. The Titan pro is a true work of art that is incorporating a host of beautifully designed paddles and this makes Prolite the best paddles market.   Moreover, the Titan pro features a 100 percent American Made Woven Carbon Fiber paddle face that is designed to grab the ball to enhance spin and control.


  • the paddle is made of top-grade polymer honeycomb
  • consist of a black carbon fiber face
  • comprise of 100 percent American Made Woven Carbon fiber

Sniper Patriot pickleball paddle

The owner of the paddle that is Wayne Goodwin invented Sniper “Quiet” paddle that is through the use of patent-pending foam encasement. This technology design eliminates the drum-like noise that other paddles create. The midweight paddles excel at power and the HDS3 technology produces a high-density sweet spot.  This is the first paddle produced by the company and they are plans to launch a lightweight ‘Ranger” paddle called the Green Beret. To add to the above, these paddles are made from a single piece of molded polyfoam covered in a polymer honeycomb insert with a welded sweet spot insert. The edge guards that made huge noise were eliminated and the result was a sturdy pickleball paddle that is noise-free. The good part about this paddle is that although the paddle is new, it means the USAPA regulations. The paddle weighs between 7.6 and 8.1 ounces and its grip size is 43/8’.


  • technology is designed to eliminate the drum-like noise

Encore Composite Pickleball paddle

Most of the players love the pop and spin and this paddles will blow your mind as it has the highest amount of deflection and roughness allowed. This paddle is USAPA approved and consists of a composite and polymer construction which allows for a gentle touch that is needed for dinking.  This paddle is a product of Engage manufacture and it comes in several designs. That is ranging from glossy white to color gradients and swirls tendrils. The middleweight ranges from 7.2 -7.9ounces and also it measures 15-1/2 long and is s solid 81/8″wide. The paddle is quiet and the neighbors won’t be upset and also the paddle comes in different colors.


  • paddle provides a maximum spin and delicate touch
  • available in beautiful colors
  • polymer core which creates a quiet ball impact on the court

Onix Evoke Graphite XL paddle

This is one of the quietest paddles on the paddles guide and has a fiberglass face that provides “pop” off the paddle surface. The polymer core has been made so that noise is dampened and the red edge guard makes the paddle stand out and creat a protective outer rim that will ensure that the paddle is durable. Colors such as blue, red, green are provided on the Onix paddles and the paddle itself weighs between 7.2 -7.5ounces. The paddle has a medium grip of 75/8″. The width of the paddle is smaller than the Onix Z5 that measures 75/8″. The paddle offers great touch at the Net and Pop from baseline.  The paddle has an extra-large shape that creates a large sweet spot and also the lightweight dimensions weigh 6.9-7.2 ounces.


  • polypropylene core deliver an outstanding feel
  • the oversized shape creates a larger sweet spot
  • very lightweight and easy to handle

Engage Elite pro pickleball paddle

This paddle has been designed to be superbly quiet without compromising on providing players with that power. It has a design with the label “Signature Series” and its also created to have a super reactive feel by utilizing a control pro 2 polymer core with Flex Fiber Technology which they complemented with a chemically bonded liquid graphite, skin.  This paddle is very neat and its technology is designed to limit the player’s chance of wrist strain.  The weight of this paddle is 7.8-8.3oz and its length is 16″, its width 8″, and the grip circumference is 41/4″.  Professional players such as Steve Kennedy has a Signature version of the Elite pro.  Those players who are interested in graphite paddles, with this one you will love.


  • optimized to pass the most stringent community noise requirements
  • control pro 2 polymer which has vibration and control technology.
  • skin cutting edge

In summation

One should consider quiet paddles so that those neighbors around the court may be at peace without noise from the paddles. Therefore, you should not buy paddles that are banned for use from certain pickleball courts because this will spoil your game. Most of the pickleball paddles that are being released have adequate noise-canceling properties. This is so due to the fact that most paddles have a core that takes shock and dampens sound when contacting with the pickleball. Enjoy your pickleball game and have the best paddle that is USAPA approved and free from noise.