Best pickleball paddles 2022

Most people have turned this fun game “pickleball” as just merely a game, but they have turned it to an advanced stage of the competition. Therefore, finding paddles may be cumbersome but due to many reviews on these paddles, one may get a broader picture of the best paddle to purchase.  Pickleball continues to explode especially in the United State, and most of the companies emerging and old manufactures have come up with new technologies which make their paddles great to use all the time one thinks of pickleball. These paddles meet the USAPA regulations and are on the Green Zone however, some of the paddles are still on the Red Zone that is they are prohibited for use in some of the courts. This is so due to the fact that they produce too much noise hence manufacturers have to fix the problem and produce sound-free paddles when hitting so that the game won’t be a nuisance to others. Therefore, we have reviewed the best pickleball paddles for 2021 by looking at factors such as affordability, paddle height, paddle weight, grip size, and also ball control and spin. Below is a list of pickleball paddles so that you get your game started.

Best pickleball paddles in 2021

Getting the best paddles makes your game so fascinating and you feel really excited about the game. Come on! let’s get started and let’s see which type of paddles you can buy. These paddles should be fit for your game that is great grip size, weight size of your preference, height, and also the length of the paddle should be matching with your hands so that you may have the necessary comfort.

1.Selkirk Amped S2 X5 FiberFlex pickleball paddle

If you are looking for a top-of-the-range paddle that provides pop and spin and power, this is the best paddle for you. This paddle is a versatile paddle that has a widebody face and this gives the player a very large sweet spot that enhances one to have brilliant shot.  The paddle has a FiberFlex face which Selkirk claim gives the player more shots. This paddle has a well-designed face that allows balls to react off the paddle face to unbalance your opponent and hence give you great emphasis on your shots. The x5 core provides consistency across all your shots and this provides a quieter impact. This paddle comes in two weights that are medium weight or lightweight. For the medium weight, it measures 8.2ounces, and lightweight measures 7.2ounces. Therefore, this is the chance for you to choose the best weight that suits for playing style.

One may need to know that the larger the paddle weight, it gives you more power, and the lightweight gives you less energy and less effort moving around across the court. Its handle is shorter as compared to other paddles, this is due to the fact that when playing one needs a larger face and bigger spot zone. Some of the players especially ladies prefer colorful paddles and this brand has colors such as purple, green, orange, red, and blue.  This paddle’s face has a logo “S” on the majority of parts of the paddle. In as much as most of the paddles may be cheap to purchase, with these paddles it’s a different case. The paddle is a bit expensive that is around the $140 mark and this gives value to your product.


  • very comfortable paddle with both medium and lightweight
  • well designed paddle
  • large sweet spot


  • the paddle is a bit costly

2.Paddletek Bantam Ex-L Composite paddle

This Paddletek Bantam Ex-L paddle is one of the paddles that is quiet and is built with a  polymer honeycomb core. Most of the players prefer paddles that are comfortable, well this paddle has a comfortable paddle . Its weight is 7.7 and 8.3 ounces and this paddle gives the player a comfortable mix of power control and power that is when playing dinks around the net. The face of the paddle is 7-7/8″ wide meaning the paddle has a large sweet spot on the paddle that is for controlling even the most intricate shots. Most of the players who have used this paddle have noted that the paddle provides power when smashing the ball. This paddle has been designed using polymer core and that material gives great power and strong hits but is very quiet. Its face is made of fiberglass,  with a geometric vinyl decal. This has been designed to give the player maximum control of the ball across the net.

The paddle grip is slightly longer which is 51/8inches, the face of the paddle is 15-15/8inches in length. This paddle has a padded grip, and this grip contributes to the comfort and ball control on the court. This paddle is priced under $100 and this is a good price considering its value. This brand has been overtaken by a new brand introduced that is the TS-5 Pro which features Torsional Vibration Control. This new version is ideal for giving the player an extra sweet spot and ball control.


  • the paddle has a great sweet spot that enables ball control
  • affordable paddle
  • the face of the paddle is made of fiberglass, with a geometric vinyl
  • very comfortable paddle

3. Onix Z5 graphite paddle

This paddle has a Nomex core and graphite face that makes it durable and puts the player in control of ant shot. This paddle is used both by professionals and beginners and has awesome ball control, a large sweet spot, and spin. At first glance at this paddle, you see a very comfortable paddle weight.  The weight of the paddle is between 7.5 and 8.2 ounces which then makes it easy to move on the court. The weight ratio of this paddle shows that you can play smashes while generating significant power. This paddle also has a large hitting area that is 81/8inches wide meaning the paddle has a large sweet spot. With this standout, you can control the ball, while playing dinks, spins, and firmer smash shots. The Onix also has a classic widebody that is up to 1/8inches. With this, you can have more focus on your game and have a feeling of control.

The Onix paddle has a “Z” screen printed onto its woven black graphite face. For those players who would love their paddle to come in different colors, well with Onix you have an option to select the best color of your choice. The colors consist of green, orange, red, yellow, pink, and white. Well, the color of your paddle will brighten your day so choose wisely. This paddle has been valued under $100 and this price does not compromise its quality, the paddle still remains in its range as a 5-star paddle.


  • the paddle has a graphite face that makes it durable
  • great colors of your choice
  • the price is affordable and ranged as 5-star

4.Prolite Titan Pro Diamond Series paddle

The paddle has a carbon fiber polymer core that makes it one of the most advanced paddles on the market. The paddle has an advanced sleek design and excellent durability and is considered one of the most advanced paddles. This paddle has a razor-thin edge guard and large hitting surfaces to provide players with the chance to maximize their shot potential. For you to enjoy the game, one should be having maximum control of the ball. With Prolite you won’t go wrong as the paddle has carbon fiber, with a polymer core that enables you to have ball control, feel and touch. The paddle means the USAPA regulations meaning the paddle has a sound-absorbing material that makes no noise when using the paddle.  This paddle has been ranged as a middleweight and is between 7.6-8.3 ounces.

The grip is medium-sized therefore a wide range of players can fit in regardless of the grip size. The face width is 75/8inches and it’s slightly smaller than Selkirkik S2 yet its paddle handle is longer than most models at 51/4inches long. This paddle has a razor-thin edge that enables accuracy and control over the ball. The paddle is ranged under $140 and with this price it has a fantastic look as it consists of a metallic feel and black design. The paddle also comes in different colors that are raspberry, red, green, and blue.  We are greatly confident to add Titan Prolite as one of the best paddles with the latest technology on the market.


  • very comfortable grip
  • the paddle comes in different colors
  • the paddle meets the USAPA regulations and is set on the green zone

5. Prolite Magnum Graphite Stealth pickleball paddle

This paddle is best for those players who are new to the game and this paddle is ideal for those players who want to keep their opponents predicting their next move. This paddle is easy to maneuver and good for spins dinks around the net. Those newcomers who want to explore more about pickleball can use this paddle and it’s also perfect for intermediate players. For an advanced texture, the paddle has a black face with Magnum written vertically down the face in a mix of bold colors. Most of the players have improved their game over the past years through the use of this paddle. This paddle has a reactive graphite face that provides splendid control of the ball on spin shots.

The handle of this paddle is 5-1/4inches and its weight is lighter than the Z5 that is weighing between 6.6 and 7.5 ounces. The design of this paddle makes it one of the most quality and visually stunning paddles. The width of this paddle is 73/4 inches across. The magnum sweet spot is well designed to pop, and this will leave your opponents struggling to maintain their position. This paddle provides an excellent value for your money for it leaves you with nothing but the best. Its grip size is around 1/8inches, therefore when you are ready for that competition don’t to hesitate to pick up this paddle.


  • easy to maneuver when using the paddle
  • very comfortable grip
  • affordable paddle with great quality

6. Onix Evoke Premier paddle

Most pickleball players are very particular especially when it comes to choosing a durable paddle that won’t break or distract them from their game. This is very common and some go to the extent of choosing paddles that are/were used by certain professionals. Well, we have come with Onix Evoke premier and this paddle was used by Lucy Kovalova and Matt Wright for their games. Onix Premier is a pro-level paddle and well designed for ultra-competition players. This paddle is uniquely designed with a DF Composite fiberglass paddle. The paddle is lightly coated on its face and provides great spin and paddle pop. This paddle also features an Atomic 13 edge-guard which is built to provide further aerodynamic qualities.

When the player blocks the net, the Atomic 13 disperses shock throughout the paddle. The core of the paddle is built from the Polypropylene Honeycomb and this material makes the paddle thicker than the other paddles. The weight of this paddle is 7.8-8.2ounces and it’s the heavier paddle. Therefore, for those players who wish to generate power, this is the best paddle for you. The grip size of this paddle is 5inches long and it’s wrapped in the Onix Superior Tacky grip.


  • durable paddle
  • the paddle is uniquely designed
  • lightly coated

7. Rally Tyro 2 pickleball paddle

This paddle is considered as a lower to midrange paddle that will run around $60 that’s depending on where one gets it. The shock wrap is thick and has a standard shape moreso, the texture of the paddle is improved that is it has a more matte finishing.  The handle of the paddle is well made for pickleball players and the grips are of good quality. Most of the players re-grip but with this paddle one does not have to worry about re-grip.   The paddle is middle-weight that offers one fantastic versatility across a broad range of shots. The tyro pro will give the player a more sturdy swing and excellent control.  The shock-dampening polymer core enables you to defend against the most stubborn slammers.

To add on, all players are recommended to use this paddle as it is a middleweight and enables for more serves and dinks.  The shape and size of this paddle were optimized in a way that gives comfort to the players when serving the ball.  The paddle has a medium circumference grip of 4,25 with a 5″ long handle. The weight range is 7.6-8.0oz and the face has slightly larger standards 7-3/4″ width.  The actual grip may vary up to 1/8″ and the polycarbonate composite face layers over a fiberglass reinforced. The paddle feels hard to touch but it gives you loads of density of defending hard shots.  The paddle comes in absolutely different colorways that is ocean blue and green.


  • very affordable paddle to purchase
  • the paddle is comfortable

8. Engage Elite PRO Composite paddle

Engage is one of the best companies with paddles that professionals use. Steve Kennedy who is one of the professionals used this paddle in 2017. This is the other reason you can get the Elite pro because professionals also have used this paddle. This is the best paddle for those players who love graphite-made paddles. Its face is made of Engages Liquid graphite technology that was the first-ever chemically bonded skin developed at Engage.  The core of the paddle is made of vibration control technology that is designed to reduce vibrations during ball striking.  This paddle weighs between 7.5-8.3ounces and also the middleweight and lightweight versions are also available in case you have your own choice. The length of the paddle measures 16″ in length and its paddle face is 8″. If you are a person who is particular with colors, this paddle is available in very exciting colors.


  • available in both lightweight and middleweight
  • the liquid graphite paddle face
  • control pro polymer core featuring vibration control technology

In a nutshell, the list of the best pickleball paddles is endless however we managed to gather information on the best pickleball paddles. These paddles will make your game very interesting and memorable. Therefore, go ahead a purchase one of those paddles which match up with your standard and also the taste. Cheers