Best pickleball for beginners

Pickleball is a fast-growing game and most people wish to take part in this game. With the growth of this game, they are so many new paddles being launched that the choices can be overwhelming. Therefore, if you are a beginner you will need a paddle that is affordable and easy to use. We have compiled paddles that suit best for beginners and these paddles are the cost-effective great-sized face and ideal weight. These paddles range from simple wood to advanced graphite. In our own opinion, those higher price paddles may not be the right option since you wind up paying a premium price for features that those pro-level players paddle offer though you probably do not need them when just starting out.  Below is a list of paddles and comprehensive reviews for beginners to make you choose and these paddles will make their game a memorable one.

1. Paddketek Tempest Wave 2

This is one of the paddles that is loved by players whether it is a competition or a casual game. The Paddletek Tempest Wave II has many characteristics which will help you succeed in more games. The paddle has a graphite face and it weighs approximately 7.6 oz middleweight. When using this paddle, you can easily smash the ball with intensity but you can still maneuver the ball quite smoothly. The graphite face is able to provide spin however it does not produce a lot of spin such as that of a fiberglass face.  The tempest is wonderful at the net if you love dinking, and the polymer core gives the player control. In addition, the polymer core synergizes perfectly with the graphite face as well. The other fascinating feature of this paddle is the grip. The paddle’s handle length is 51/4 inches and one can personalize the weight of the paddle according to your liking. Its sweet spot is huge and forgiving that’s why it’s best for beginners in case they make mistakes. This paddle is able able to provide the players with great control and power. Well! this paddle is worth removing every cent from your pocket.


  • the paddle is durable
  • great feel
  • very comfortable
  • longer handles


  • the paddle is costly

2.GAMMA Sports Fusion 2.0 pickleball paddle

This paddle is midweight that is 8.0 oz and comes with textured fiberglass that provides the paddle with a great contact. The paddle has a wide sweet spot and this is good for beginners to use. The Fusions grip size is 4inches and this works perfectly for those players with small hands and the handle is Gammas comfy honeycomb grip. This company is well vexed and popular with grips and most professionals purchase the paddles because of the comfortable grip. If you are worried about tournaments well, this grip is USAPA approved therefore it’s high time you purchase this paddle. The GAMMA  paddle features an Aarmid honeycomb core that provides great touch with the right amount of power.  The honeycomb provides an extra tacky and firm surface . This also provides high traction for maximum grip feedback  and control. The wide body extends the width of the paddle for the largest swetsport.


  • comfortable grip
  • durable


  • a bit costly

3. Head Extreme Elite pickleball paddle

This paddle was well known in 2017 when they released an entire line of paddles. This paddle is classified as a control paddle with its thinner core and less weight. The Elite is affordable as compared to the prolines and the Tour. The Elite has the Companys Ergo grip and it doesn’t have the Extreme Spin Texture which is showcased on the Head Pro and Tour paddle faces. Therefore, in case you are searching for an affordable paddle with a comfortable grip, the Extreme might work best for you. The Extreme Elite is similar to Heads Extreme pro in dimensions but has a slightly different design. With this paddle, one can get an extra soft grip with a smooth surface on the face. The player gets to reach and touch with the control-oriented polymer core  made with optimized  honeycomb construction. The paddles head has a noticeable taper to it which helps reduce wind resistance and paddle weight. The Elite weighs 7.8oz  and has black HEAD logo placed in the centre of the face. To add on, beneath there is the paddles name and additional stylish accents. The actual grip size is 1/8inches.


  • affordable paddle
  • less weight
  • comfortable grip

4. Engage Poach Advantage Composite paddle

The features of this specially designed paddle feature an advanced Omni-directional texture, a larger sweet spot, a friction-enhanced skin for more spin, and a grip extension to increase strength. Engage created a proprietary skin consisting of 6 layers that have the same thickness as existing 1-2 layer skins.  It has ultra-soft layers and maximum ball responsiveness. For you to enjoy the game to the next level, this paddle is here to make you enjoy the game. The average weight of the paddle is 8.3 0z and its core is made of proprietary polymer composite. The handle length is 5.5″, width is 8″. The grip length is 41/4″ and this paddle has been proved to be working wonders in windy conditions and most players felt confident. With this paddle, you can easily reset shots and cushion blocks better. The paddle has the Viable release technology design to provide maximum deflection and power when swinging fast while holding the ball. The paddle also has what we call the “Black” core technology, this is due to chemical changes that Engage made to the polymer core during production.


  • the paddle is perfect for all level players
  • provides excellent spin
  • the paddle is very responsive


  • feels hard on the impact of the ball

5.Selkirk Neo Pickleball paddles

This is one of the most affordable Selkirk sports paddles. This paddle uses the same polypropylene polymer core that is used in the Prime paddles. Instead of using the Fiber flex, these paddles are made of Polyflex that is why they tend to be inexpensive, The Neo paddle however they are a step down from the Amped and Prime paddles. The Polyplex face does not offer the same vibration dampening and spin provided with a flexible fiber flex face.  This paddle is ideal for beginners and it’s sold as a bundle which along with a few balls, is a great alternative to some of the overpriced pickleball sets. The paddle features a Polymer PowerCore honeycomb that is also used in pro-level paddles like the 30P  moreover the paddle is USAPA approved and also carries 1 year warranty. The paddle has an edge sentry protection and Selkirk thin grip for paddle protection and durability, with sleek, lightweight for confident control.  The Neo pickleball paddle features durable vinyl graphics that are in red and blue for bold stunning good looks. The specifications of the paddle are that the paddle’s weight average is 7.7 -7.9oz and the shape of the width of the paddle is 7,875inches, Height 15.76iches and its circumference is 4,125inches.


  • comes with a warranty
  • affordable to purchase

6.Rally Tyro 2 pro pickleball paddle

This paddle features a high strength performance polypropylene honeycomb core, a sturdy composite face and superior edge guard grip technology. Its considered as a lower to midrange paddle that will run around $60 that’s depending on where one gets it. The shock wrap is thick and has a standard shape more so, the texture of the paddle is improved that is it has a more matte finishing.  The handle of the paddle is well made for pickleball players and the grips is of good quality. Most of the players re-grip but with this paddle one does not have to worry about re-grip.   The paddle is middle-weight that offers one fantastic versality across a broad range of shots. The tyro pro will give the player a more sturdy swing and excellent control. The shock-dampening polymer core enables you to defend against the most stubborn slammers. All players are recommended to use this paddle as it is middleweight and enables for more serves and dinks.  The shape and size of this paddle was optimized in a way that gives comfort to the players when serving the ball.  The paddle has a medium circumference grip of 4,25 with a 5″ long handle. The weight range is 7.6-8.0oz and the face has slightly larger standards 7-3/4″ width.  The actual grip may vary up to 1/8″ and the polycarbonate composite face layers over a fiberglass reinforced. The paddle feels hard to touch but it gives you loads of density of defending hard shots.  The paddle comes in absolutely different color ways that is ocean blue and green.


  • maneuverability is great
  • lightweight
  • good control

7.Onix Z5 graphite pickleball paddle

This paddle is available in mid weight-superior quality, composite variations and graphite and also it features an oversized sweet spot, brilliant balance, and an extra-wide hitting surface. The Onix paddle is used by pros and also those who have just started the game. The dimensions of this paddle are exactly the same across both models however, the paddle surface and core construction differ. The paddle is made from a single molding process, which helps create a more consistent paddle and boosts its durability graphite version of the Z5 contains a graphite paddle face, with a Nomex core. This paddle is strong and reactive hence helping to create a paddle that is easy to move with. This paddle weighs around 7.5-8.2ounces and this weight will enable you to have great maneuverability on the court.  It measures 8-1/8″ across the paddle face, and has a 5″ long handle.  Moreso, the paddle is protected by a 1/4” edge guard which overlaps onto the Z5s paddle face that is to protect the paddle. Once you you are used to the exceptional grip, rough surface texture and balanced weight you will now perfom like the professionals.


  • large sweet spot
  • graphite face and honeycomb core


  • paddle is costly

8.Amazin’Aces Pickleball Wood Set

The set includes four high-quality wood paddles, four pickleball, and one mesh bag for easy carriage. Having good gear for the game gives you some confidence even if you are new to the game. For beginner pickleball players their is a high quality wood paddles as well as budget friendly polymer core/graphite face. The 7-ply wood from mapple gives he paddles some durability and power you can’t resist. None would want to be up and about trying to look or purchase a sports gear and getting a quality set from the start will be best. The paddles are also lightweight and won’t drain all the energy in you whilst trying to figure out how the game goes. The four paddles and balls will be just great even if you are planning to play with family and friends at home. The mid weight design is 8.2oz for the perfect blend of power and control. This paddle comes with a 1year warranty and the package weighs 0.95kg and its dimensions are 16.6x8x3 inches.


  • very comfortable for beginners
  • good grip

In a nutshell, pickleball is a fun game and most of the players find it relaxing. Therefore, for those newbies they might find the game vey demanding and boring if they dont get the best package of paddles, which is comfortable and good to use. Well , we have come up with different paddles for the beginners who will soon be proffesionals if proper paddles are used for they to enjoy the game and get experience. Enjoy the game and choose wisely the best paddle which wont give you a hustle when playing. Cheers….