onix pickleball paddles

ONIX pickleball has always delivered the best paddles and its mission has always been to deliver top-quality equipment with advanced technologies. This company was founded in 2005 and due to providing quality services, the company has grown fast. These paddles are well designed and their engineers are continually developing new products that lead the way for the entire pickleball community. Most of the professionals who play pickleball at national tournaments as well as recreational use ONIX paddles. ONIX has created a name for itself in recent years, and the paddles made by ONIX include Onix Pure2 pickleball which is one of the most highly rated and top-selling on the market. Not only that this company manufacture pickleball staff such as pickleball paddles, pickleball balls, bags, and nets.  Therefore, when you are looking for the best pickleball paddles, this is the best paddle to buy. The best paddles comprise Onix z5  to the Onix Outbreak and Voyager. We have made reviews for you to have a wide range of Onix pickleball paddles.

Onix Z5 graphite pickleball paddle

This paddle is available in composite variations and graphite and also it features an oversized sweet spot, brilliant balance, and an extra-wide hitting surface. The Onix paddle is used by pros and also those who have just started the game. The dimensions of this paddle are exactly the same across both models however, the paddle surface and core construction differ. The paddle is made from a single molding process, which helps create a more consistent paddle and boosts its durability graphite version of the Z5 contains a graphite paddle face, with a Nomex core.

This paddle is strong and reactive hence helping to create a paddle that is easy to move with. This paddle weighs around 7.5-8.2ounces and this weight will enable you to have great maneuverability on the court.  It measures 8-1/8″ across the paddle face, and has a 5″ long handle.  Moreso, the paddle is protected by a 1/4” edge guard which overlaps onto the Z5s paddle face that is to protect the paddle.


  • the oversized sweet spot for flexibility
  • strong and reactive
  • great maneuverability


  • Sub Zero has a lack of force for delivering power swings
  • not suitable for aggressive players

Onix Outbreak pickleball paddle

This is a popular wideboy pickleball paddle option from Onix and it features a reinforced graphite face and polypropylene core that delivers power, without increasing weight.  This paddle weighs between 7.8-8.2ounces and consists of a paddle width of 81/8″. Due to the fact that the paddle has a wide paddle face, it makes it one of the Onixs premium wideboy paddles.  The polypropylene core enables to defuse powerful opponent play and also gives control when playing spin and dinks. This paddle comes in different colors is red, black, or blue and the price is a bit higher than the Onix Z5.


  • comes in different colors
  • contains a polypropylene core that enhances power
  • lightweight paddle


  • price is a bit steeper than Z5

Onix Evoke premier Composite

This paddle has been used by Onix pro players and it features a specially designed Atomic 13 Edge Guard that creates a slim, durable paddle edge. Some of the professionals that use this paddle comprise Matt Wright, Lucy Kovalova and these pickleball players find this paddle very comfortable to use.  However, this is a more costly paddle though one can consider using the paddle if you want to have a successful game. The paddle is lightweight that is 7.5-7.8 ounces and the heavier weight paddle weighs approximately 8.2-8.5″. The paddle is made of fiberglass with a polypropylene core moreso, it features an oversized sweet spot.


  • very comfortable
  • lightweight


  • paddles are costly

Onix Sub Zero pickleball paddle

This paddle is one of the best of its kind because it holds a patent-pending Ribtec core technology that delivers pop from the baseline. The handle of this paddle is contoured to fit the shape of your hand, hence allowing you to index the paddle in your grip. Its graphite face is a lightweight material for an added speed and great maneuverability. This paddle has a width of 15.375″, face width of 8.125″, and handle length of 5″.The grip size circumference is 4.25″ whilst its weight is 7.2-7.9oz.  The good part about this paddle is that it meets the USAPA requirements. The Ribtec core creates stability and structure with a carbon rib structure that connects the two faces to provide unmatched control.  The wide-body shape enables for a large sweet spot and also its medium weight balances power and speed for all-around performance.


  • lightweight paddle
  • great maneuverability
  • Ribtech tech creates stability
  • USAPA approved

Onix inferno pickleball paddle

This paddle delivers exceptional control and accuracy with an aluminum core for heightened touch, edgeless design to eliminate stray balls hitting the edge guard. It also has an ergo grip that is for exacting paddle replacement and also it is contoured to the shape of your hand for increased accuracy.  The aluminum honeycomb provides heightened touch with ample amounts of power. The paddle also offers lightweight characteristics for added speed , and pop.  The 1 piece construction of the Onix inferno improves paddle consistency with a single molding process that eliminates dead spots. The paddle weight is 7.5-8.2ounces and the paddle weights vary within the provided range due to minor manufacturing variances.


  • paddle offers some lightweight characteristics


  • paddles are sometimes fragile
  • aluminum cores are prone to dents and damage

Where are the Onix paddles made?

This is a company established in 2005 and produces the Onix brand of pickleball paddles. The company is owned by Escalade Sports, which also owns over 40 other brands of sporting goods equipment. Besides paddles, this company also sells pickleball bags, balls, nets, and other gear. Most of the items are used by professionals at the USAPA tournaments.

Onix paddle cover

This has a simple and yet eye-catching design that will keep your paddle protected. The paddle has a neoprene material that is extra gentle and serves well to pad your gear against potential scrapes or bumps. It also comprises a stark white font that shows the manufactures name with the orange logo.  The logo “O” encircling an embellished ‘X’ is also on the paddle. The paddle also has a simple zipper that allows you to protect your paddle. Also, it comes in two different sizes, the standard size 9-1/2″ x 11-1/2″ or x-large at 91/2 x 13″.

In a nutshell, Onix paddles are perfect for all types of players, and they are carefully crafted to provide players with the best paddles in the industry. The best thing about Onix company is that they also sell other pickleball items such as bags, nets, and balls. Therefore, for you to have the best game, get one of the paddles from Onix and get your game ready…Cheers…