Engage pickleball paddles

You have been looking for the best paddle all along and it’s in vain, we have come up with Engage pickleball paddles so that you may enjoy your summer pickleball game with no hustle in the wearing and tearing of other paddles. Engage pickleball paddles company is based in the US and was created with science and performance in mind. If you are really familiar with pickleball paddles, this is one of the best paddles which has a stellar design and extensive prototype testing that processes out any potential issues and leaves you with a good product.  Engage pickleball continues to set a standard when it comes to paddle innovation and design.  The top Gold medalist, Marcin Rozpedski relies on this product, therefore, one can get the information from this review and we have selected the best Engage pickleball paddles for you.

Engage Encore 6.0 paddle

This is the updated version of the Encore Composite paddle and its part of the Engages brand new “Thick Core” paddle. This paddle has a unique design and has a large sweet spot with unrivaled power.  This is the paddle of choice for Brain Staub who won a Gold at the Tournament of Champions. The paddle has a FiberTek skin combined with control pro polymer technology to provide ultimate power and control. Encore paddle is available in standard size paddle or in EX and MX variations.

The paddle measures 15,5″ long and its width of 8.125″paddle face. However, this mix-up of paddle dimensions creates a low center of balance and maneuverability. This paddle is USAPA approved the core of the paddle contains Engages Vibration control technology which enables the control of vibrations during ball striking.  The grip size is 43/4″ and the lightweight paddles and the lightweight version weighs between 7.5-7.8 ounces whilst the middleweight version weighs between 7.9-8.3ounces.


  • the paddle is USAPA approved
  • lightweight version
  • large sweet spot
  • available on both sizes


  • a bit costly

Engage Elite pro pickleball

Steve Kennedy who is one of the professionals used this paddle in 2017. This is the other reason you can get the Elite pro because professionals also have used this paddle. This is the best paddle for those players who love graphite-made paddles. Its face is made of Engages Liquid graphite technology that was the first-ever chemically bonded skin developed at Engage.  The core of the paddle is made of vibration control technology that is designed to reduce vibrations during ball striking.  This paddle weighs between 7.5-8.3ounces and also the middleweight and lightweight versions are also available in case you have your own choice. The length of the paddle measures 16″ in length and its paddle face is 8″. If you are a person who is particular with colors, this paddle is available in very exciting colors.


  • available in both lightweight and middleweight
  • the liquid graphite paddle face
  • control pro polymer core featuring vibration control technology

The Engage Trident Pickleball paddle

This a paddle with a very large sweet spot that is designed to promote more paddle control. The paddle is very cheap, unlike other paddles. This paddle features 5-year GrikTek skin that was developed in advance of the Poach Advantage. This paddle has rough skin that sits at the limit of USAPA and it resists wear and tear over time. The engage paddles core features Engages “Control Pro3” technology that was originally designed. This paddle has a weight of 7.6-8.1 ounces and it measures 81/8. This paddle improves the player’s ability to add spin, feel the hand paddle connection, and also the soft feel of the paddle is designed for control yet has enough power for slams when needed. The grip has extra cushioning that is to prevent players from sweating. To add on, the paddle has the word “Trident’ running vertically in the middle of its face with a series of dots in the background.


  • the paddle is very cheap
  • USAPA approved

Engage Ultimate Composite paddle

This paddle is made of an aluminum core that is to provides the best paddle for those players who are looking for a touch game. This paddle has an upper middleweight of 8.0-8.2ounces and this paddle weight allows players to have the right amount of power and also a perfect ball placement.  The sleek-looking paddle features a vibrant color on the upper half of the face with gray on the bottom of the paddle. The Ultimate paddle by Engage makes sure players do not choose between power and control. The face of this paddle measures 8″ wide and the length of the paddle is 15-3/8″ long. The grip circumference is 4-3/4″long handles.  The paddles are offered in cool colors are purple, red, green, and blue. The paddle face is made of vinyl and the material is an Aluminum honeycomb.


  • paddle made of vinyl and aluminum honeycomb
  • very comfortable paddle
  • paddles come in different colors

Engage poach infinity paddle

The features of this specially designed paddle feature an advanced Omni-directional texture, a larger sweet spot, a friction-enhanced skin for more spin, and a grip extension to increase strength. Engage created a proprietary skin consisting of 6 layers that have the same thickness as existing 1-2 layer skins.  It has ultra-soft layers and maximum ball responsiveness. For you to enjoy the game to the next level, this paddle is here to make you enjoy the game. The average weight of the paddle is 8.3 0z and its core is made of proprietary polymer composite.

The handle length is 5.5″, width 8″. The grip length is 41/4″ and this paddle has been proved to be working wonders in windy conditions and most players felt confident. With this paddle, you can easily reset shots and cushion blocks better. The paddle has the Viable release technology design to provide maximum deflection and power when swinging fast while holding the ball. The paddle also has what we call the “Black” core technology, this is due to chemical changes that Engage made to the polymer core during production.


  • USAPA approved and listed
  • Optimized to pass most stringent community noise requirements
  • good colors such as red, blue, purple, green
  • the paddle is one of the most technologically advanced pickleball paddles


  • A bit costly

In summation

With the new technology introduced on Engage pickleball paddles, players now have no excuse when they want to play the game. These paddles have good grip sizes and they also come in different colors. These paddles are designed and best known for the best performing paddles. So come on, go and purchase your own paddle and enjoy using the ingenuity and creativity found on these paddles.