Pickleball paddles for kids

Wow, pickleball is a game that can be played by both adults and kids. So hey! don’t let your child sit at home without practicing this game. They are quite a lot of paddles that kids can use that is for example Helium Pickleball paddle, OneShot pickleball paddle, Dokou pickleball paddle, Mergren paddle just to mention a few. Most of the paddles are wooden made and have an upgraded material with polypropylene which is softer and has larger honeycomb cells. This is a good material that holds up well and brings you a quieter and powerful hitting experience. So you may be wondering how to choose the best paddle for your child which will make them more comfortable when using the paddle. Therefore, we have prepared quite a number of paddles for the kids that will make their games exciting.

1.Helium Pickleball paddle

This paddle is specifically designed for your child and it’s specifically designed for children under the age of 12yrs old. This is the most ideal paddle for your child so that they may have the best game with their friends and family. This paddle comes with one paddle and a drawstring bag that will keep your child’s gear in good condition. The kid’s paddles have the same material used which is similar to the materials used for adults paddles. These kids’ paddles are fun, creative, and colorful designs that are tailored to your child’s interest. Girls and boys love having fun using their own paddles that help them improve their game and have fun with the family. The paddles are lightweight and are made of premium high polymer honeycomb core and have a graphite face optimal for power, weight, and ball control.  The weight of the paddles is 6oz and the grip size is smaller so that it fits your child’s hand.

The paddle has a dimension of 13.88inches x 7 inches and this paddle is perfect for schools, communities, sports clubs, and youth groups. The Helium Mission statement states that no matter your skill level, Helium can improve the game by providing pickleball gear that embodies high performance at the utmost quality. Elevate your game with Helium!


  • very comfortable paddle for kids
  • comes in stylish designs
  • the smaller grip which fits your child’s hand

2.OneShot Pickleball paddle- Juniorshot Series U12

This paddle is one of the kid’s paddles which has a very comfortable grip size that fits perfectly on your child’s hand. The paddle is a mini lightweight paddle that does not have to strain the child when playing due to the heavies of the paddle. The materials used for these paddles are quite different but most of the paddles are made of core-polypropylene honeycomb surface fiberglass and this is the same with the OneShot paddle. The kid’s paddles have to be light that is approximately 5.8inches. The height is 14.8inches, its width 7.4inches, Grip size is 3.9inches. The thickness of this paddle is 10mm.


  • portable paddle
  • perfect grip size
  • very comfortable

3.DOKOU Pickleball paddle for kids

This paddle has been made from the highest quality material that is premium fiberglass and polypropylene honeycomb composition. This will give you the best touch of the pickleball paddles and the edge of the pickleball paddle set of 2 can prevent the paddle from damage. This is the perfect design for controlling and it consists of the polypropylene honeycomb core structure and it has better control over the rotation of the ball. The Fiberglass surface of the pickleball paddle gives the paddle a better point of impact. The paddle has a very comfortable Ergonomic Grip and is designed with small holes of breathing to make the pickleball paddle more firmly and comfortable to hold. The length of the paddle is 4.72′ inches to provide the pickleball paddle control for long time play without any fatigue.

The total length of the pickleball is 15.35inches and its length is 10.63inches. The length of the paddle is 10.63″,  length is 4.72″, the width of the paddle is 7.87″  . This paddle is light enough with the handle being 1.57″ inches and the paddle has a portable carrying bag that can hold four balls, two paddles, and other pickleball gears.


  • the paddle is very comfortable
  • high-quality material

4.Caesar Decor Boys pickleball

Boys really love strong paddles as compared to girls due to their nature of having power. This paddle has a value set that consists of planets, Asteroids Cosmos paddle set, 1 zippered neoprene cover to protect the paddle. It’s fast and durable with a weight of 7.8-8.2oz which gives the player the right balance of power and control. This paddle is made in a way that will make it last for a while. It has a carbon fiber and polymer honeycomb core extending through the paddle. The low-profile edge guard has high durability that protects the paddle hitting surface and core against court damage. The ergonomic grip has a well-cushioned shape to dampen vibration and reduce fatigue. This paddle does not have a specific category on who should use the paddle, both girls and girls can use this paddle. Excellent for beginners to intermediate players.


  • well cushioned to reduce fatigue
  • the paddle is ideal for intermediate and beginners

5.OLANNY Wood pickleball paddle

This paddle is one of the kid’s paddles that is sturdy and is made of 7ply stronger basswood which ensures plenty of power and durability. The set has 4 paddles and the pickleball racket body provides more surface for catching the racketball.  The paddles sweet spot is large with a lightweight and very strong wood that has better performance of swing strength. The paddle is unique in that is its handles are wrapped with perforated cushion grips. This provides comfort to the kids and sweat absorbent. Olanny paddle has a matte surface that enhances the friction between the racket and the ball for an anti-skid effect. The paddle is breathable so that moisture is prevented from building up and slippage.

The good thing about this paddle is that it comes as a complete set that is pickleball rackets that are plenty of high-performing pickleball. It also has a convenient carry bag that provides everything you need for your group. This product is also good for schools, clubs, and community centers.


  • great comfort
  • comes as a complete set
  • durable and affordable

7.Mergren pickleball paddle

This set is made of graphite carbon fiber material which is lighter and stronger than other pickleball rackets. Since pickleball game has been said to be a “noisy” game, well! with this paddle you are noise-free because of the graphite core materials used. The paddle also has polymer technology and a premium graphite face and also its USAPA approved and made of a honeycomb and sandwiched between two durable carbon fibers. The honeycomb core is one of the materials which is stable and can enhance the strength of the paddle, and reduce the weight of the pickleball paddle set.

Mergren has a low-profile edge guard that protects the graphite pickleball paddle set to reduce missed hits. The handles of this paddle have anti-skid, shock-absorbing, and sweat absorbing functions. It also has cushioned ribs which are designed in a spiral contour for precision grip and maneuverability. The paddle weighs 2.2pounds and is designed for kids under the age of 12years. This is so due to the fact that they are lightweight and can be played for long without feeling tired. This paddle is fully guaranteed for a year.


  • the paddle is fully guaranteed
  • very comfortable grip
  • lightweight

8.GS CHIER pickleball beach paddle

This paddle can be used by both kids and adults and they can use it on an outdoor game. You can play anywhere you want be it at school, work, school and at home with unlimitade fun. This paddle can be used by both learners and proffesionals. One can carry this paddle antywhere you want because this durable and portable.Moreover, the paddles are water and sand -resistant so you can go and enjoy your pickleball game as a familly at the beach. The set comes with 2 paddles and 2 pickleballs and the paddles are made using heavy duty material. Its handles are strong and resilient to wearing and tearing . Some of the kids might find it hard to use other paddles due to the fact that they tend to have blisters. Dont worry, this paddle prevents blisters when playing your favourite game.


  • comfortable grip
  • affordable to purchase
  • both kids and adults can use this paddle

9.Paddletek Ranger pickleball

This paddle is specifically made for children under the age of 12years and below. The length of this paddle is 15,5inches, the width is 8inches and its handle is 5inches. The grip circumference of this paddle measures 4″ therefore the measurements of this paddle are very close to a standard paddle. The weight of the paddle is lighter and easier for small hands. The paddle is constructed with a sturdy honeycomb poly-core with a durable vinyl paddle face. This paddle is more like a toy because it’s very comfortable and the grip has extra cushioning. This paddle just like other paddles, they have a one-year warranty.

Paddletek ranger paddle has a slim profile and large sweet spot so that it’s easy for kids to handle while providing a responsive feel. The kids can use the paddle using both hands because the paddle has longer handles. The paddle weighs 6.5-6.9 oz and it uses its standard, strong polymer core to offer durability with control.


  • the paddle is lighter
  • very comfortable
  • the handle is long so they can hold the paddle using both hands

10.Gamma Neuron 2.0 pickleball paddle

This is the fastest and lightest in the gamma line and it offers maximum maneuverability and speed. For kids starting on pickleball, this is a HUGE benefit and this paddle makes the kids enjoy their game. The paddle is 7ounces  and comes with 4inches cushioned grip. Most paddles are not USAPA approved but this paddle is great because it’s approved and if the kids use the paddle the paddles do not produce much noise. This paddle has all the things needed to kick start the game and kids will enjoy their game. Therefore get your children one of these paddles so that they get to enjoy the game.


  • the paddle has a maximum speed
  • affordable paddle to purchase
  • USAPA approved

In a nutshell…

Pickleball is a game that can be played by kids as well and for them to enjoy the game they need paddles that are fit for the game. These paddles are lightweight and the handles are longer so that kids can hold the paddle using both hands. Therefore, make your children game a beautiful and fun game by getting them the Gamma Nuron 2.0