Selkirk pickleball paddles

Pickleball players of a skill level and play skills need paddles such as Selkirk as they include polymer honeycomb cone and exceptional build quality. Selkirk paddles offer a little bit of cushioning to dampen sound spin moreover no matter the type of paddle you choose, the quality is not compromised. These paddles stand out from its competition as it has the best quality material. Selkirk paddles can be used by both professionals and learners hence choosing the brand over its competitors. These paddles come in different color-coordinated grips and with the rise of Amped paddle line, this company had to push its technological limits straight to the edge.  The Amped paddle line 6 paddles that is Regal, S2, Omni, Epic, Maxima, Invicta were introduced in 2017. The above paddles were available in lightweight and middleweight however seeing the success of the above technology, Selkirk launched the lightweight paddles a year after. Selkirk has two categories of paddles that is the Amped which is the premium product and the Prime which is the budget-friendly option provided by the company so that each and everyone gets to have a paddle they are comfortable with. The Amped feature six paddles whereas Prime-only features two paddles. To add on, the Amped line features X5Core whilst the Prime line features X4. So hand on we have done the reviews of Selkirk paddles so that you have an idea of which type of brand to get.

Amped Omni X5 FiberFlex

This paddle controls the player’s needs as the paddle has a long face and unique material. Players have more time to respond and place their shots where they want them due to the FiberFlex face. The vibration and sound are minimized by the existence of the X5 core which has a gentle touch that enables smooth play. The Amped Omni X5 has a handle of 41/4 that enables players to have the ping pong style grip and place a finger against the back of the face. The paddles have a special design that is different from other paddles that are it is partly colored while the other half is white. Selkirk has a logo S that is situated evenly along the top of the paddle while its name lies underneath.

One can choose either standard or lightweight models, thin or standard grip with different colors. The weight of the grip is calculated with a standard grip, that is if one chooses a thin grip it reduces the weight by approximately 2ounces.  Amped core absorbs more of the energy of the ball resulting in more control and softer play. To add on, the thicker paddle has more inertia, so when one hits a paddle off-center, the paddle rotates less in one’s hand and the ball comes off more consistently.  The Omni has a squared-off paddles head compared to the rounded face of the Maxima. The mid-weight range is 7.8oz- 8.2oz and the lightweight range is 7.2oz – 7.6oz.


  • paddle comes in different colors
  • lightweight models


  • a bit costly

Selkirk Neo pickleball paddle

This is one of the most affordable Selkirk sports paddles. This paddle uses the same polypropylene polymer core that is used in the Prime paddles. Instead of using the Fiber flex, these paddles are made of Polyflex that is why they tend to be inexpensive, The Neo paddle however they are a step down from the Amped and Prime paddles. The Polyplex face does not offer the same vibration dampening and spin provided with a flexible fiber flex face.  This paddle is ideal for beginners and it’s sold as a bundle which along with a few balls, is a great alternative to some of the overpriced pickleball sets. The paddle features a Polymer PowerCore honeycomb that is also used in pro-level paddles like the 30P  moreover the paddle is USAPA approved and also carries 1 year warranty.

The paddle has an edge sentry protection and Selkirk thin grip for paddle protection and durability, with sleek, lightweight for confident control.  The Neo pickleball paddle features durable vinyl graphics that are in red and blue for bold stunning good looks. The specifications of the paddle are that the paddle’s weight average is 7.7 -7.9oz and the shape of the width of the paddle is 7,875inches, Height 15.76iches and its circumference is 4,125inches.


  • 1 year warranty
  • paddle recommended for beginners
  • USAPA approved

Amped Epic X5 FiberFlex paddle

This paddle has up-to-date technology however it still holds the traditional shape. The lengthy handle and wide face offer a pleasant feel that reacts just as well along the edges as it does near the sweet spot. It has a unique face and X5 core that reduces noise and vibration while increasing the consistency of the touch of the paddles.  The Epic provides a long handle with a large surface area and the two most desired characteristics in a paddle are power and control however although these manufactures on focused on power and control, Selkirk has brought a change on the paddle.  The paddle featured the same FiberFlex paddle, X5 Core technology that is found on the Amped Invikta and S2.

Featuring 5,25″ paddle handle, this paddle is perfect for two-handed players and has a large hitting area. It also features brighter and more dynamic paddle paddle graphics and EdgeSentry technology that improves control of the pickleball. The Amped Epics sleek hitting surfaces allows you to effortless dampen opponent spin. Features an oversized sweet spot that is lightyears ahead of the previous Epic paddle. The weight of this paddle is 7.3-7.7 ounces for Lite and middleweight paddle weighs 7.8-8.4ounces.  This means that this paddle can suit players who prefer a lighter or heavier pickleball paddle. The paddle face measures 15,75″ long and  8″ wide and its grip is cushioned and comfortable  for a supreme hold and comfort.


  • paddle is comfortable
  • X5 honeycomb core
  • FiberFlex Face that provides control


  • a bit costly

Selkirk 300AXL Aluminum graphite paddle

This is a lightweight paddle and offers excellent control for those perfectly placed lobs to finessed dink games and explode with a full swing slam down the middle. This paddles is one of the champions paddle that is crafted with an ultralight aerospace-grade aluminum honeycomb core that provides optimum control along with a high-grade graphite surface with vinyl UV. Paddles has a pro-lite gamma grip with low profile edge guard. This is USAPA  recommended and has been tested and found fit to be used on tournaments.

These paddles come in different sizes that is paddle width 7.875″, height 15.5″, length 5.5″ , handle circumference 4.25 and the weight is 6.7oz.  (Discontinued) paddle width 8.25, height 15,5″, length 4,75″ , handle length circumference 4.25, weight 7.4oz.Aluminum paddles are known for their finesse and touch and this is because aluminum cores, unlike nomex cores , absorb a lot of force when the ball strikes the paddle.


  • lightweight paddle
  • crafted with an ultralight aerospace-grade aluminum
  • pro-lite gamma grip


  • paddle a bit costly

Selkirk Invikta pickleball paddle

These paddles have an increased sweetspot  size that provides the full court and full power compared to traditional elongated paddles.  The paddle has a Polypropylene X5 Core Technology and fibre glass surface and this is also a brainchild of National Champion Tyson McGuffin.The midweight version average 7.9-8.4oz hence giving you an extra power for hard drives from the baseline. The paddle has a cushioned material that enhances comfort to the player and a confident hold. The fiberflex technology gives an excellent surface that produces spin and allows for the control of the paddle. The paddle also has a low-profile and lightweight edge guard technology that is for a well-balanced and solid paddle.

The height of the paddle is 16.5″, width 7.375″, grip length 5.25″ and the grip circumference is 4.25. The invikta x5 comes with a versatile medium grip that measures 5-1/4″ long. The paddle has a logo S that is located near the paddle’s head while the model name is printed below. To add to the above, the weights are calculated with a standard grip hence choosing a thin grip will reduce the weight by approximately 2ounces.


  • well cushioned paddle
  • lightweight

Selkirk Latitude Composite widebody paddle

If one does not wish to sacrifice his speed for you to hit the ball, well this paddle gives you a big-hitting surface. The paddle has a polymer power core which becomes perfect for taking the punch out of fast slams while allowing one to return the ball right where you want it to be. This paddle is ideal for those players who enjoy a big sweet spot but otherwise wish to respond to the net quickly.  The paddle has a width of 8-1/4 and a medium weight of 6.9-7.5oz.  The actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8″. This paddle is excellent for intermediate players that gives one a good touch. It uses a composite poly core, so when one wants to swing harder and generate some power, this paddle won’t disappoint.  The paddle has a very solid feeling core that has a very sturdy feeling when you hit the ball. Moreso, due to its composite core, it has quite of bit of pop and a game improvement paddle for experienced intermediate players or for beginners.


  • large sweet spot
  • excellent for both players
  • well balanced

Selkirk premium paddle cover

Are you looking for the best cover to cover your new paddle, well we have Selkirk’s best premium paddle that will protect your paddle. This is a well-designed paddle to ensure it fits all paddles of different shapes and sizes. The zippered case keeps the paddle secure, while the terry fabric interior keeps the paddle safe and dry. The paddle is stylish and practical moreover it’s durable and pliable PU leather. The zipper is easily accessible and has a thick and soft interior fabric that will keep the paddle dry. The outside has Selkirk signature S embedded into a sleek, pliable PU leather that can be stored anywhere.

In summation…

The top Profesionales use Selkirk pickleball paddles and they work very well with them.  This is an industry-leading pickleball brand and specializes in the best brands. With its cutting-edge technology, most of the players have enhanced their game with this paddle. So go ahead and purchase Selkirk pickleball paddles and also don’t hesitate to purchase the premium paddle covers. Cheers…