Best Pickleball Bags

Why the best pickleball bag in the first place?

Pickleball is an exciting sport which accommodates quite a number of age groups. It is always advised for pickleball lovers to be well organised when going to the court. This is not only achieved by having proper paddles, balls or shoes but also having the best pickleball bags.

With just a good pickleball paddle, proper shoes and a few pickleball balls, you will be good to go. However, you might need additionals such as a water bottle, towel, extra paddles & balls and a few other pickleball prerequisites. Therefore a larger bag is needed to carry this load.

The good part is that, these bags come in different shapes, sizes and colors so that you choose what suits you best. They range from Backpacks to Sling bags to Duffle bags and to Tote bags.

Below are the best pickleball bags on the market that we have managed to gather on our research. Keep reading so that you are able to select a very good bag that will solve your problem.

Pickleball Backpacks

Gamma Pickleball Backpack


A backpack is better compared to other bags because it is designed to evenly distribute your load on shoulders and hips thus putting less strain on your body. The best pickleball backpack of our choice is the Gamma pickleball backpack. This black new version is the most trending!

However, there are other types of backpacks that are useful such as the Onix pickleball backpack and Head pickleball elite backpack. In terms of its capacity, it can hold upto 4 pickleball paddles and an additional of your 32 oz water bottle, socks and shorts.

The Gamma pickleball backpack is well designed for a tournament player who is in need of a compact bag which fits the necessary gear.

The large main compartment measures around eighteen inches high, fourteen and a half inches wide and eleven inches deep.


  • holds maximum of 4 paddles
  • total of 4 compartments
  • specially designed for pickleball


  • available on one color option(black)

Pickleball Sling Bags

Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling bag


Among all the pickleball sling bags that you can think of, Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling bag was found to be the best and most popular especially to single players.

Its design is best suited for the shape of a pickleball paddle hence can carry 1-2 paddles and still be able to fit some pickleballs and accessories.

Both left and right handed players are at an advantage of using the sling bag.

It is adjustable and has a single side pocket for placing your water bottle. The small exterior horizontal side pocket can only fit keys or earphones. The sling bag has a fence hook to hang elsewhere near the court whilst saving bench space for people to sit.

The adjustable shoulder strap aids on additional support for your shoulders and back therefore preventing shoulder and muscle strain.Its enlarged pockets and the inverted weather-resistant zipper pulls keep the pickleball gear safe and organized.

Due to its simplicity and lightweight design, this bag is great if you are looking for something to carry your basic pickleball equipment. That is why the Franklin pickleball sling bag is one of the best pickleball bags!


  • portable
  • attractive color options
  • adjustable comfortable straps
  • good price tag


  • no paddle dividers in bag
  • not enough room
  • stiff due to reinforcement panels

Pickleball Duffle Bags

Under Armour Undeniable Medium II Duffle bag


If you are one of those that carry quite a lot of stuff to the court then this duffle bag is the best for you.

It has enough pockets or compartments to keep your things organized. The shoe compartment accommodates at least one pair of shoes and also keep them away from the rest of your pickleball gear.

The bag has a total of 3 exterior pockets, 1 interior and a large front zippered organisation pocket. The interior pocket is ideal for keeping safe your most valuable items such as your wallet and home/car keys.

Earphones can be put on the exterior pockets for easy access before and after the game. Its handles are the most comfortable and enables you to carry the duffle bag either by hand or on your shoulder. The only challenge which is found on the shoulder straps is the uneven bulging to one side when carrying the bag.


  • ventilated side pocket
  • interior zippered pocket for valuables
  • durable and well-stitched
  • spacious
  • adjustable straps


  • shoulder straps not good enough
  • side pocket has little depth

Pickleball Tote Bags

Pickleball Power Tote Bag


This zebra striped pickleball power tote bag is the perfect style for female players. It is easy to hold, larger and deeper than other tote bags, with seventeen inches height, fourteen inches width and three and a half inches depth.

It has a dual function, for carrying pickleball gear and also shopping even after your practise sessions. The Tote has the large main compartment which can carry your paddles & balls and the side mesh pocket for your water bottle.

Its handles are 28 inches long and there is a professionally embroidered “Pickleball Power” logo.It is a stylish lightweight bag, however, if you need something durable and quite spacious the above mentioned will do.


  • dual function
  • affordable
  • stylish zebra print


  • less room for gear
  • minimum duarability

Pickleball Bag Features To Consider When Buying

With so much exposure to several bags mentioned above, it might be difficult to choose the best pickleball bag. No stress! Below is a breakdown of certain features to consider.

Size and Space

Before we go any further, you really know the kind of player you are and the quantity of gear you carry to the court. Therefore, the size of the bag is vital inorder to avoid stuffing it or walking around an empty backpack.

If you carry less then a sling bag will do but if its more, then a duffle bag or backpack is worth it. Check for space info, the interior compartments and also the smaller pockets before the purchase.


Different types of pickleball bags are available and only your preference and equipment will determine what kind of bag is ideal for you. If you need a lot of room then a duffle bag or backpack design is primarily beneficial.

The sling bag design is not that accommodative but really portable and comfortable to carry over one shoulder. If you need to use the bag for other reasons besides carrying pickleball gear then a tote bag is perfect.

Material used

This feature is somewhat a secondary consideration but generally important on the durability aspect of the bag. Nylon is a bit expensive as compared to Polyester but it all depends on the quality you need. Polyester is lightweight and less expensive. It is also durable and impermeable to climate changes.

Adjustability and Straps

The bag should have good adjustable straps as it will be carried quite often. Straps must be well ventilated for sweat elimination and have additional padding to prevent shoulder straining. The straps have to be properly stitched especially those for larger bags as these carry a lot.


We believe you now have an idea when we talk of the best pickleball bags. It’s now your assignment to make the right choice with the above knowledge. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment on the best shoe you opted for so that we know if the guide was of help.