Best pickleball paddles for spin

Pickleball is such an exciting game and for you to enjoy the game you should have the best paddle. These paddles come in different shapes that are of different widths, length, grip sizes, and materials. One may be wondering what the word spin means and how it works in the pickleball game. Hang on ! we will explain more about the types of paddles used for a spin.  When one adds a spin on a shot it helps the ball in a wider arc or trajectory, instead of simply serving it in a straight line. Moreover, the curve of the ball in flight helps to confuse the opponent, hence increasing the chance of him missing the shot. Therefore, for one to create this curve he needs a proper pickleball paddle. The extra grip on the paddles enables the ball not to slide on the surface of the paddle hence giving you more spin and control. Below is a list of paddles that are best for a spin

1.Engage Encore Pro paddle

For one to be the topspin pro you have to use a paddle which is very comfortable and good for the spin.  This paddle is was made by experts and it’s one of the most effective paddles that can produce excellent spin. Engage has one of the best paddles and this paddle includes a polymer core, which limits the power but also providing dampening. The paddle weighs 7.8-8-3″ ounces, 151/2″ inches long and 81/8″ wide. The grip surface for this paddle is 41/4″ with a liquid graphite surface which enhances one to have a super spin.

One can continuously play for a while without getting wet hands or uncomfortable.  For larger sweet spots, the paddle has liquid graphite and also optional dimensions. This paddle definitely has a comfortable grip and one can play for hours without having discomfort from the grip. Its graphite surface offers enough texture for your spin therefore you can grab this paddle for your pickleball spin. The paddle has a balanced size and material for precision and a polymer core for increased power.


  • the paddle has much balance and it’s well designed
  • great comfort due to the quality grip
  • large sweat spot
  • very good combination of control and power

2.ProLite Rebel Power Spin Composite

ProLite has gone a further extra mild to create the new Rebel Powerspin. The Rebel has a comfortable handle wrapped with Prolites Comfort Contour Cushion Grip. With the extra-long grip of 16″ reach and weight one feels the power at impact. This paddle has a low profile Tapered Edge and it features their textured PowerSpin on the paddle surface. This paddle has a good amount of “pop” and also the texturing of the surface is strong enough to give the ball a good spin. The paddle face is strong and quiet for gamers who want minimum noise. You can also create a topspin or backspin with this paddle.

To add on, for the long grip, it has a 5inch that is perfect for those players with bigger hands for this might be the best paddle for you. The grip circumference is 41/4″ on the small side and its weight is about half an ounce more with ranging from 7.7-8.1 ounces. To add on, this paddle is well balanced and comes packed in a flimsy plastic packet moreover, it can give you leverage and improve your game. This might be a great choice for your first “spin” paddle. The good part about this paddle is that it is USAPA approved and it meets the Sun City regulations.


  • great stability and power
  • USAPA approved and green zone
  • gives you leverage and hence improves your game
  • the paddle is comfortable


  • Warranty not guaranteed

3.Onix Composite Z5 pickleball paddle

This paddle is the way to go for those who are looking for the pop from the baseline. Onix paddle provides great power for your hits and the wide body of 81/8inches that prevents you from missing the balls coming from difficult angles. The weight of the paddle is 8.4oz to 8.7 oz hence making it the heaviest paddle on the list. The paddle consists of a honeycomb core and a fiberglass face that grabs the ball which enables you to have more spin. The paddle has a pop sound when you hit it and has plenty sweet spot that helps you get the ball over the net. This paddle can be highly recommended for beginners to intermediate players.

If you are confident in your wrist and arm strength, this paddle weight will not be a challenge.  The drawback about this paddle is that the disposition of the weight combined with a thicker grip of the paddle might make it a bit more difficult to handle. If you are looking for a spin, the composite paddle is the ideal one, unlike the graphite. The Z5 has a wide face, which is suitable for advanced players as it has an excellent strike zone. The solid construction really attracts the players and is used in the highest competitions. It has a Nomex core and a stunning graphic design.


  • great paddle for spin
  • large sweat spot
  • has a pop sound when hitting the ball
  • it is perfect for all level players


  • the paddle is a bit heavy
  • the handle is on the thicker side so it might be a challenge to switch to a backhand
  • the grip is not very durable

4.Paddletek Bantam EX-L

This paddle is USAPA approved and the ProPolyCore was designed to decrease vibrations and hence provide more control to one’s game. The paddle has a larger sweet spot which makes it very forgiving if one has possibly made a mistake. In case you were suffering from what we call “pickleball elbow”, this paddle has been reduced vibrations.  The 41/4 inch grip makes the paddle good for medium-sized hands and hence will make it easier to change grip position from forehand backhand. The grip size is 8ounces and this grip size delivers an extra boost of power while the paddles still have plenty of control.


  • the paddle has plenty of control
  • it comes at a comfortable price
  • it has a long paddle for extra-long reach
  • USAPA approved


  • does not have a warranty

5.Prolite Crush Powerspin with SPINtac paddle

This paddle has a fibreglass panel that requires greater spin control and also the spin production is noticeable. Prolite crush also provides power, control and spin in one frame and every player will be having comfort when using this paddle. This paddle is under the Green Zone that is for noise reduction and also it meets the USAPA guidelines. The weight of the paddle is 7.4-7.8 ounces and its length is 15.5inches. The grip offers great maneuverability and great control under the grip size of 4.25inches. Some of the players prefer flashy paddles with high quality material and also the honeycomb polymer setting ensures that one has a controlled spin. The good part about this paddle is that it comes with a 5year warranty and is designed in Magnum shape.


  • the paddle has a SofTac cushioned grip
  • It has a MicroEdge Guard protection
  • the material is highly durable
  • A 5-year warranty is guaranteed


  • some of the players may feel a smaller grip size

6.Selkirk Prime S2 pickleball paddle

This paddle is very much perfect for those who want to pop and power. This paddle also features the widest sweat spot and has medium weight but has a large surface.  The surface is made of FiberFlex which decreases vibration without losing face strength and durability. This paddle comes in two grips that is a small grip of 4inches and a standard grip of 41/4 inches.  The paddle’s weight is between 7.4-7.8inches that provides the right balance and allows players to have ball control and placement. The paddle comes in a stylish design that is a black background with a colorful Selkirk logo in the middle.  To add on, this paddle is a reliable option in order to improve consistency in the court. Its rounded edge makes the sweat spot larger which is ideal for beginners.


  • the paddle comes with a comfortable grip
  • it has a large sweat spot
  • it has a shorter handle that enables one to increase in head size
  • it comes with a lifetime warranty
  • the paddle has a high quality material


  • the paddle is a bit costly

7.Gamma Voltage 2.0 pickleball paddle

This Gamma paddle has a unique handle in the Gamma lineup and offers a stronger grip. The grip is bright and wrapped with Gamma PB Contour with slim circumfrence. The graphite face offers incredible durability and the Nomex core that is very responsive. Its core is enclosed by a framing system that eliminates dead points. The weight paddle ranges between 7.6-8.1 ounces and it consists of a solid green metal background with “Voltage” mounted on the front with a matching green color.  The FM Edge Protector protects the edges extended to the face , eliminating the wrong hits. The paddle is 153/8 inches long with a handle of 51/4inches.

The Voltage 2.0 has a very good and ideal feature that one needs as a pro despite the fact that you are skilled in this game.  Moreso, the paddle has a feel to help produce spin and hence give enough pop to hit and hence get consistent wins. The other good thing about this paddle is that it is USAPA approved therefore players can feel free to hit the ball using this paddle as it is noise-free. The paddle has a textured graphite face and it will surely boost your game on the court.


  • the paddles graphite face offers incredible durability
  • great cushioning  and well-balanced feel
  • sweat absorbing grip


  • the face starts wearing and chipping

8.A11 N Premium pickleball paddle and Ball Set

This attractive paddle design offers more ball control than expected while maintaining the shape. Its weight is 8ounces and has a polymer nest core with a light texture. This mixture enables for a greater swing that is also providing less ball spin and greater maneuverability. The graphite on this paddle enables for performing control spins and also one gets adjustable weight and proper balance when you are using the paddle. The paddle has a larger design, along with the slim edge protection that provides a large sweat spot. The average grip circumference of 4.25inches and a length of 4.92 inches. This grip is sweat absorbing that makes it very comfortable for players.  To add to the above, the protective neoprene case is very durable and keeps the paddles safe when placed indoors. The edge guard prevents it from scratches and ground hits and also design relieves strain from one’s hands and wrist.


  • the paddle has a wide face
  • it’s lightweight
  • it has a large sweat spot
  • the paddle comes at an affordable price


  • comes without a warranty

9 Onix Evoke Premier pickleball paddle

This is one of the best performing paddles that also provides a spin. Evoke Premier was designed for strong and reliable play and its lining on the face helps to reduce the effect of the ball strike.  The Atomic 13 Edge guard technology creates thin and strong protection that is designed to reduce shock but with an increased speed and power, it is also designed to diffuse shock while increasing swing speed.  This paddle comes in both lightweight and medium versions and these different versions help one to decide if you need extra speed. Its width is 8inches and has the largest sweat spot. The Onix logo and its name are in the middle of the face with the background logo and it offers to pinpoint accuracy and control in your game.  The core of the paddle is made of polypropylene that brings power and touches anywhere in the court. The paddle was designed by National Champions for power and precision.


  • the paddle has a polypropylene honeycomb core that provides power and control
  • the face is made of fiberglass for unmatched pop and spin


  • the paddle doesn’t have a great feel

In a nutshell for you to enjoy your pickleball game with the best spin go ahead, and get one of those paddles mentioned above. These paddles are in the Green Zone and observe the USAPA regulations. One may still be trying to understand what spin control is, well it’s the capability to rotate the ball.  These paddles offer a variety of weights, surfaces, and surfaces. Therefore enjoy your game and also consider your playing tactic so that you may have fun with pickleball. Enjoy………