Best Pickleball paddle for control

You have just joined a pickleball game and you seem to be excited about this game. Well, in as much as you are well vexed with this game it might be hard for you to control the paddle and obviously the game itself. They are other things that come along the way when we speak of control that is construction and weight. It might be difficult for one to choose the best paddle for control because we have a variety of paddles that have more or less similar standouts. However, we have the new Sensa Poly Core paddle and the new Amped paddles by Selkirk. These paddles were specifically designed for control and each of them has a variety of paddle shapes and styles. Most of the players generally think you have to sacrifice power over control. There is absolutely no need for that since much of the concept is based on the weight of the paddle and the hitting surface. The stereotype was based on heavier paddles giving more power and control, unlike light paddles. This is now the past ever since new core material paddles were made, which have narrowed the gap between clearly defined control and power paddles. Therefore, below are a list of paddles for control.

1.Gamma Pin Elongated PolyCore pickleball paddle

Gamma Sports is one of the best pickleball paddles manufacturers which specializes in producing nothing but the best paddles for control. This paddle has a Sensa Poly Core technology, which allows for the rigorous control that you need as a player. Its core substantially increases the touch on the ball and also the honeycomb handle on the paddle is well cushioned that is to give the player an extra grip and comfort. The paddle has elongated middle-area weight which makes hand movements much faster. The pin adds another elongated blade style into Gamma lineup. The pin features a composite fiberglass face that provides pop off the paddle. GAMMA elongated paddles extend the length of the paddle , but reduce the width by less than an inch. The honeycomb features an extra tacky and firm surface and its grip size is 41/4inches. The grips length is 4.25 and the weight is 8.0oz. To add on , the width of this paddle measures 7-1/8inches.


  • the paddle has a great balance
  • better grip because it’s well-shaped
  • perfect weight


  • narrow sweet spot

2.Selkirk Amped pickleball paddle

Most of the professional players in the world are fond of the Selkirk series. This paddle is USAPA approved and its surface area is great. It’s quick to respond and a bit bigger than before sweet spot mark for the newly innovated A.+MPED technology. This paddle is also called Epic lightweight and the Selkirks Amped range wants to promote the amplification of power and control. The surface of this paddle has been changed to a new paddle core, which is thick and made of polypropylene polymer.  Selkirk invented a patent-pending X5 polypropylene dense core which is responsible to enhance performance attributes. To add on, the long-lasting EdgeSentry edge guard protects the paddle from wear and tear. This paddle also has a FiberFlex fiberglass face designed to re-engineered trademark property that helps you to perform better.

This paddle is a versatile paddle that has a widebody face and this gives the player a very large sweet spot that enhances one to have brilliant shot.  The paddle has a FiberFlex face which Selkirk This paddle has a well-designed face that allows balls to react off the paddle face to unbalance your opponent and hence give you great emphasis on your shots. The x5 core provides consistency across all your shots and this provides a quieter impact. This paddle comes in two weights that are medium weight or lightweight. For the medium weight, it measures 8.2ounces, and lightweight measures 7.2ounces. Therefore, this is the chance for you to choose the best weight that suits for playing style.

One may need to know that the larger the paddle weight, it gives you more power, and the lightweight gives you less energy and less effort moving around across the court. Its handle is shorter as compared to other paddles, this is due to the fact that when playing one needs a larger face and bigger spot zone. Some of the players especially ladies prefer colorful paddles and this brand has colors such as purple, green, orange, red, and blue.  This paddle’s face has a logo “S” on the majority of parts of the paddle. In as much as most of the paddles may be cheap to purchase, with these paddles it’s a different case. The paddle is a bit expensive that is around the $140 mark and this gives value to your product.


  • very comfortable paddle with both medium and lightweight
  • well designed paddle
  • large sweet spot
  • the paddle has a tighter control
  • a lot of feel on the ball


  • heavy hands may find it hard to use paddle since its lightweight

3.Onix Composite pickleball paddle

Onix Composite is ideal for those players who love the free movement in the pickleball and it focuses on the baseline. This paddle has a honeycomb core and fiberglass face just like Gamma paddles. Since this paddle is composite, they are quite heavy and noisy.


  • strikes well with less effort
  • plenty of sweet spot area
  • the thickness of the paddle is good

4.Engage Elite Pro pickleball paddle

This paddle resembles the texture of sandpapers and it offers better damping of vibration and control technology.  Engage is one of the best companies with paddles that professionals use. Steve Kennedy who is one of the professionals used this paddle in 2017. This is the other reason you can get the Elite pro because professionals also have used this paddle. This is the best paddle for those players who love graphite-made paddles. Its face is made of Engages Liquid graphite technology that was the first-ever chemically bonded skin developed at Engage.  The core of the paddle is made of vibration control technology that is designed to reduce vibrations during ball striking.  This paddle weighs between 7.5-8.3ounces and also the middleweight and lightweight versions are also available in case you have your own choice. The length of the paddle measures 16″ in length and its paddle face is 8″. If you are a person who is particular with colors, this paddle is available in very exciting colors.


  • available in both lightweight and middleweight
  • the liquid graphite paddle face
  • control pro polymer core featuring vibration control technology
  • great spin


  • the bottom sticker might be uncomfortable

5.Engage Poach Pickleball paddle

This paddle is said to be built using Control Pro Black Technology. The features of this specially designed paddle feature an advanced Omni-directional texture, a larger sweet spot, a friction-enhanced skin for more spin, and a grip extension to increase strength. Engage created a proprietary skin consisting of 6 layers that have the same thickness as existing 1-2 layer skins.  It has ultra-soft layers and maximum ball responsiveness which enables you to have control on the court. For you to enjoy the game to the next level, this paddle is here to make you enjoy the game. The average weight of the paddle is 8.3 0z and its core is made of proprietary polymer composite.

The handle length is 5.5″, width 8″. The grip length is 41/4″ and this paddle has been proved to be working wonders in windy conditions and most players felt confident. With this paddle, you can easily reset shots and cushion blocks better. The paddle has the Viable release technology design to provide maximum deflection and power when swinging fast while holding the ball. The paddle also has what we call the “Black” core technology, this is due to chemical changes that Engage made to the polymer core during production.


  • USAPA approved and listed
  • Optimized to pass most stringent community noise requirements
  • good colors such as red, blue, purple, green
  • the paddle is one of the most technologically advanced pickleball paddles


  • A bit costly

6.Elite Pro pickleball paddle

This paddle has a Control Pro II Polymer with vibration control technology. The cutting edge of the skin is chemically bonded for maximum forgiveness. This paddle has been designed to be superbly quiet without compromising on providing players with that power. It has a design with the label “Signature Series” and its also created to have a super reactive feel by utilizing a control pro 2 polymer core with Flex Fiber Technology which they complemented with a chemically bonded liquid graphite, skin.  This paddle is very neat and its technology is designed to limit the player’s chance of wrist strain.  The weight of this paddle is 7.8-8.3oz and its length is 16″, its width 8″, and the grip circumference is 41/4″.  Professional players such as Steve Kennedy has a Signature version of the Elite pro.  Those players who are interested in graphite paddles, with this one you will love.


  • optimized to pass the most stringent community noise requirements
  • control pro 2 polymer which has vibration and control technology.
  • skin cutting edge

7.Gamma RZR Graphite paddle

This paddle will keep your opponents on the edge and also this paddle is a combination of GAMMAS special Sensa Poly Core. This is a very smart choice and the internal honeycomb design will enable you to feel gentle. This paddle comprises a design that is applied via direct printing. The small grips create helpful traction whilst those slim ones edge guard allows for a broader sweet spot. These paddles improve your reliability in your play and also the paddles come in different colors that are blue, pink, or green. To add on, this is a soft paddle although you can put some power behind it. The weight of this paddle is 7.6inches  and it’s very good for control. The graphite face of this paddle allows one to grab the ball and place the ball with accuracy. Its sweet spot is very active and it gives the player power to do serves and returns. The design of this paddle is very unique and has very cool graphics. Last but not least this paddle can be used both indoors and outdoor games.


  • the paddle can be used in both indoor and outdoor games
  • very comfortable


  • the handles are too small

In conclusion in as much as you wish to have the best game, you should consider having the best paddle which will enable you to have full control. The majority of the paddles have graphite faces, thick cores, and other technology that creates a larger sweet spot. Most of the players trying to improve their game can generate their own power, so paddles such as these can give them control that takes the game to the next level.