Pro Pickleball paddles

Pro Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball is a fast growing game which is more exciting and relaxing especially if you have the correct equipment for the game. This game can be played in all seasons and one can play the game both indoors and outdoors. If you have decided to play the game, get your court ready and don’t forget to grab the best pickleball  paddle. Pickleball paddles make your game enjoyable especially when you have the best paddle with a comfortable grip of course.  They are a variety of pickleball paddles which can be used both by beginners and professionals.  We have pro pickleball paddles that comprise of head radical , rally tyro 2, prince quantum just to mention a few and they are also other paddles which serve the same purpose though quality and price differs. We have Franklin Ben Signature, Onix Z3 pickleball paddle and Monarch Crown Jewel however will review on pro pickleball paddles.  These paddles are chosen depending on their proven success and many advanced players choose their paddles depending on their playing styles, weather conditions etc. Below is the detailed information which may be ideal for you so that you choose the best paddle for your game.

Pickleball professionals and the types of paddles they use

One may be wondering how these players became professionals and the type of paddles they used. These paddles they use are mostly made of high-end composite and carbon fiber or graphite paddle surface. Simone Jardim is one of the professionals and the paddle she used Prince Response pro and she recognized that  this paddle is best for her unique body shape. Simone has managed to attract other top players to the spot including Catherine Parenteau. She also uses Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro  and she is currently ranked in the top 5 for all three pickleballs categories that is Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles.  Another professional is Jessie Irvine and she uses Engage Elite Pro Maverick paddle, the light blue and pink model. She has medals obtained in the Tournament of Champions and also USAPA National Gold medalist.

Tyson McGuffin is also one of the professionals and is originally from Lake Chelan , Washington. He is one of the top two Men’s single players and plays using a paddles bearing his name the Tyson McGuffin Signature Edition (Selkirk INVICTA). This paddle is 8.1 ounces average for extra power on hard drives.  Paul Olin is one of the men’s players on senior pro singles circuit and he is sponsored by Gamma Pickleball and the Gamma Legend is called the Paul Olin Edition.  One of the pickleball legends mentioned that choosing a paddle is not all about the specs that is  paddle weight, grip size, hitting surface length but its all about how you feel when holding the paddle. One can have a paddle that is 8.0 ounces with all the state of art but if you don’t feel good about the paddle they the specs wont matter.

Rally Tyro  Pro Pickleball paddles

This paddle is considered as a lower to midrange paddle that will run around $60 that’s depending on where one gets it. The shock wrap is thick and has a standard shape moreso, the texture of the paddle is improved that is it has a more matte finishing.  The handle of the paddle is well made for pickleball players and the grips is of good quality. Most of the players re-grip but with this paddle one does not have to worry about re-grip.   The paddle is middle-weight that offers one fantastic versality across a broad range of shots. The tyro pro will give the player a more sturdy swing and excellent control.  The shock-dampening polymer core enables you to defend against the most stubborn slammers. All players are recommended to use this paddle as it is middleweight and enables for more serves and dinks.  The shape and size of this paddle was optimized in a way that gives comfort to the players when serving the ball.  The paddle has a medium circumference grip of 4,25 with a 5″ long handle. The weight range is 7.6-8.0oz and the face has slightly larger standards 7-3/4″ width.  The actual grip may vary up to 1/8″ and the polycarbonate composite face layers over a fiberglass reinforced. The paddle feels hard to touch but it gives you loads of density of defending hard shots.  The paddle comes in absolutely different colorways that is ocean blue and green.


  • cheap and great for the price
  • paddle handles are nice and one has solid hits.
  • the texture of the face makes spinning ball more consistent.


  • small sweet spot and lacks some power

Deluxe Rally Tyro 2 Composite

If  you are a player who just want to enjoy the game and not not interested in spending much on the paddles one can get this Deluxe Rally Tyro . The bundle comes with four Rally Tyro Composite paddles that will make it a snap to get started playing doubles for a great bounce and real visibility, the package has six pickleballs . This paddle is not only for pickleball players who are already used to the game, also beginners can also have the deluxe paddles. They are lightweight that is 7.0-7.5 ounces which can allow the learner to quickly react at the net while one is controlling the shots. The grip circumference is small and has 7-7/8″, wide face circumference .  These paddles can be used both on recreational playing and school games. The paddles come with the pickleball central name with the phone number printed prominently  on the paddle face ,


  • beginners can use the paddle
  • light weighed


  • a bit expensive as compared to other brands

Electrum Pro graphite

This is a cutting edge creation from Silicon Valley featuring an excellent durability and  a well balanced construction.  This paddle is made of premium Toray T700 carbon fiber, and it provides a textured feel which imparts spin and makes it easier to control on your shots. This paddles is 8-1/2 wide , thus offering absolutely incredible defense against slams and plenty of room to volley. The polypropylene core provides an edge to edge sweet pot  and the electrum has a medium circumference handle that is 5″ long and wrapped with a leather grip.  The stability is maintained by the carbon fiber and moreover those players seeking to improve their game should get one of this paddle.  This paddle is USAPA approved and also is rated a 5 star on PBC and it has a Super -Gritty Raw Carbon Fiber Surface designed for controlled soft shots and powerful spin shots.  The Ergonomic Leather Wrapper Carbon Fiber Gamma  Grip avoids sweat in ones hands and it feels comfortable and more natural.


  • provides a textured feel
  • provides an edge to edge sweet pot
  • comfortable grip


  • a bit expensive as compared to other paddles

Prince quantum pro paddle

This paddle uses the highest reactive Progressive Core Technology that is from Prince line. Its total paddle length is 16-3/8 inches. When hitting the pickleball the players get great momentum and hence creating impressive power to put away shots. The handle is 6inch in size and the length reduces the unnecessary surface area so that one can feel more confident in every swing.   The paddles has a design showing a “P” on the logo and a colored gradient at the background furthermore the isometric shaping contributes to the feel and play of the paddle. This paddle maintains its comfort and also its study build provides confident block shots and controls the defensive pop at the net. The grip becomes turkey in the humidity hence providing a reliable hand hold through the game.  For the dinking game this paddle would be ideal as it provides plenty power and also its longer and thicker than other paddles , but lighter.  The handle is similarly 6 inch in size thus allowing for double handed backhands and more extension when reaching across the court.


  • thin or perforated cushion
  • small sweet pot


  • expensive

Head Radical pro paddles

This paddle gives the player control and strength over everything you need to achieve at the game. The direction of the ball can be changed easily that is due to the textured face which helps add spin . If you do not want to run across the courts this paddles enables that through its long face whilst the cushioned handle is made to prevent pickleball elbow. This paddle has a medium circumference of 5″ handle with internal EVA that provides an extra soft feel. In front and the center of the paddles there is a HEADs swooping logo and this paddle gives exceptional control. There is a tapered head that kind of goes inwards a little bit and gives you maneuverability. The fiberglass provides a bit more softer and poppier feel and no matter what kind of player you are, one can feel the difference as compared to other paddles.  One of the main distinguishing feature about this paddle is the handle, instead of using pallets, there’s a single molded piece covered with foam  and this provides a more solid feel and improved durability.


  • stable and comfortable
  • soft feeling when using the paddle
  • cushioned

Prince response pro paddle

This paddle has a round shape and it brings innovative to the world of pickleball and this creates an exceptionally large sweet spot with a gentle touch that will keep ones paddle very firm. This paddle has a thick polymer core and it generates high amount of power in each and every swing made while controlling the direction.  This paddle is used by one of the pickleball professionals that is Simone Jardim and she is a Gold medalist. This player worked tirelessly with Prince to design the paddle hence releasing the Simone signature. The handle is 5-1/2 long thus allowing impressive reach on plenty of space for players hands. The paddle has 8-1/4 width and slim edge guard to provide a large amount of usable space. One can order the paddle with either a medium grip size or small grip size  and also the face of the paddle features the letter P for Prince overlaid on a subtle zigzag background. The paddle is available in light (7.2-7.70z) . The new Black, blue and pink Simone  Jardim Signature versions features Simones unique signature and logo in the design. The red and Seafoam colors do not have the signature.  This is one of the paddle in the market that gives you everything you want in the defensive paddle that is great blocking, huge sweeet spot, and hard hitting accuracy.


  • provides a great sweet spot
  • thick polymer core


  • a bit costly as it hold a signature of the professionals

ProKennex Kinetic Pro Flight paddle

This paddle has improved durability, speed and placement and it used a new Cloud Cell core which is made to reduce the paddles weight due to wider spacing in the honeycomb design. The paddle has a diamond frost coating which produces tons of spin a while resisting wear. These paddles come in two shapes that is pro shape which is rectangular with a traditional size and width.  These paddles are lighter and players enjoy the increased speed and maneuverability , that is with less torque on the elbow.  Thanks to the manufacturer who used tungsten -filled chambers to disperse energy accordingly. To those players who need more space, this is the best paddle as it is well-defined. The actual grip size is 1/8 and it varies. However, due to the edgeless design this paddle may easily wear out during play. This challenge of wear and tear does not affect the game and performance of the player since the core is lighter and yet more powerful and impressive feat to pull off. The paddle has an amazing carbon perimeter frame , the first generation used the training tape to protect the edges however with this paddle its a different scenario, it used what is called “Air-O- Guard which is molded plastic bumper that does not interfere with the face.


  • nice design
  • paddle is well defined
  • amazing carbon perimeter frame
  • face texture is astounding


  • easily wear and tear due to edgeless design

In a nutshell, for you to enjoy your pickleball game it is wise to purchase the best paddle. Pro pickleball paddles have been considered and used by most of the top professionals. When choosing a paddle, in as much as we check on the specifications such as grip size, weight , design etc it is more ideal to consider how you feel when holding the grip. The grip size, paddle weight enables one to consider if she can continue using the grip or not due to the fact that some paddles if not checked properly you will always change the grips and also some will tear easily. Therefore , from the above information one can be able to choose the best paddle for the game.. All the best…….