Best Pickleball Nets On Wheels

Getting an ordinary pickleball net may be quite easy as there are numerous types on the market. However, getting a net that has wheels might be a big challenge. The good news is, we have managed to do thorough research and categorize these nets into those with wheels only.

This will help you quickly choose the best net on wheels without any hustle. So we are going to review the pickleball nets but before we do that, below is a quick rundown of the features to consider when looking for a pickleball net on wheels.

Important features to consider on choosing a net


The pickleball net should have reliable movable wheels that are able to move fast and easy. The wheels should be adjustable so that you are able to put them in a position you want. The brake function of the wheels should work properly in order to enhance stability even in windy conditions.

Easy assembly

No one wants some extra work and frustration when it comes to mounting up things to start a game. Everything has to be easy so that more energy is reserved for the match. Therefore a pickleball net on wheels should be uncomplicated to assemble and disassemble as well. Our review will also state these features as we go hence take note of that.


The whole pickleball net framework should be of high quality and be able to stay for longer periods of time. An antirust treatment is essential in order to promote good durability. An elastic bottom net band design helps reduce stress to the net and also increase durability.

Weight and portability

It is important to know how you are going to be using the net for your game. If you are to be assembling and disassembling, then you need to get a lighter weight net on wheels to avoid any inconvenience.

Tension on the net

Even if your net comes on wheels, you need it to have good tension so that it won’t have a saggy or floppy effect. The net’s tension should be consistent.


Pickleball nets on wheels are a bit pricey as compared to the ordinary nets and that you should know! This is because it has an extra element of coming with movable wheels thus making your life easier. Therefore one should brace up for the higher prices.

List of Best Pickleball Nets on Wheels

Franklin Sports Pickleball Net

This is a high-quality pickleball net with wheels attached at the base for easy movement. If you are going to be moving your net on and off the court, this is the best net to have.

Do not be limited to have fun and be confined to play at home only. With this portable movable net, you can play pickleball anywhere comfortable with you. Do you know what is good about this net? It does not require any tool to mount it up therefore no additional luggage on your already heavy pickleball gear.

The standard official net height is about 36 inches tall. A weather-resistant carry bag is also inclusive on your purchase and helps you carry the net easily. You can actually use this quality net with wheels for a tournament play because it meets most of the requirements.


  1. it is sturdy and tight
  2. quality of net material is thicker
  3. it is the official size


  1. the center post is difficult to insert

PickleballNet Deluxe

It is quite expensive but worth the extra dollars. It is the official size and a powder-coated steel net system makes it high quality. This net has oval tubing and is very stable. The wheels(4) make it easier to use and transport.

It has a center strap design that aids in keeping the height consistent. Increased durability is highly marked by the elastic bottom net band. A zippered duffel bag with wheels is also a plus one as it helps in storage and easy transportation.


  1. heavy duty net hence wind resistant
  2. sturdy and easy to mount it up
  3. casters are high quality


  1. net is expensive

Progoal pickleball net system

Are you tired of buying quick rusting nets? You might as well do yourself a favor and purchase this pickleball net that has an anti-rusting treatment thus improving its longevity.

The four wheels make it easy to move around. It has a brake function on the wheels such that it does not move on windy days. The package comes with one net, one metal frame, a carrying bag, and three balls.


What is the official height of a net on wheels?

From the official pickleball guidelines, the height should be 36 inches high at the sidelines and 34 inches tall at the center.

If the net is left outside, will the wheels rust?

According to most suppliers’ descriptions, they say these nets can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, there is no certain guarantee that if the net is left outside for longer periods, it will not rust. Most of these nets are rust-resistant but not rust proof. In order to avoid rusting, just make sure you don’t expose the net for prolonged periods of time.


I’m sure you have realized that there are very few pickleball nets on wheels but with the shortlist provided above, you won’t go wrong. Our best-recommmended pickleball net with wheels is the Franklin sports pickleball net. It is also approved for tournaments as it meets the requirements based on the official pickleball guidelines. We hope you get your net of choice soon and start having fun with this game. Cheers!

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