What is Kitchen in pickleball?

Every game has rules that should be followed by every player. In pickleball , the Kitchen is the colloquial term for the non volley zone. This is reviewed to be a section of the court that is 7 feet away from both sides of the net and extends to each sideline. Kitchen is well known due to the fact that its one of the easiest rules to break as a beginner. This rule keeps people from standing at the net and smashing everything downward. So hey !the player cant stand at the net while playing the game. This is what we call Kitchen.

This is also called the “non-volley zone” and it is the physical ground not the space above it. In order for one to determine if the kitchen rule has been violated, it is wise to differentiate between “volley” and the term ground-stroke. A volley is defined as a act whereby a player strikes the ball out of the air before it bounces. On the other hand, groundstroke is defined as the shot that is executed after the ball has bounced. 

The Kitchen rules

  1. One should not hit a volley while standing in the Non-Volley Zone. This is one of the simplest rule and no ball can be hit out of the air. The ball must bounce before it is struck. Volleys can only be hit past the non-volley line between that line and the baseline of the court.
  2. Over the line rules- no foot can be considered to touch the non volley line during the act of volleying. When a player touches any part of the line, it will be considered a fault. Moreso, anything that the player is wearing or touching should not touch or cross. Even after the ball has been stuck from the volleyball , momentum from the volleyball and the following through of the pickleball racquet must not cause player or racquet to cross the non voey line. Even if ones car keys fall out of your pocket its still being considered as a fault.
  3. Your partner can actually hold you back to keep you from crossing and make sure your momentum cannot carry you into the Kitchen area to avoid faults. 
  4. If the ball bounces in the Kitchen one can still enter the area to play the ball. The rules stated above are for volleys and shots  and moreso do not stand in the Kitchen because your opponent might take advantage of this with a volley. 
  5. Both feet must be made to be in contact with the surface outside of the Kitchen before one hits the ball.
  6. If two people are playing, your partner can be in the Kitchen while you stand outside volleying as long you are not in contact