Best Pickle ball paddles less than $50

Lovers of sport that involve a racquet , net and ball have a task to choose wisely pickle ball paddles that are durable and inexpensive . Therefore there is great need of expertise in finding tips and buying information they need so as to make an educated and more information purchase of pickle ball paddles. Whether one is new to pickle ball or a veteran player, one needs to know that the paddles improve spin, power and control for soft and precise dink shots and powerful dives

Pickle ball paddles come in different quality and price and therefore finding the best paddles which is cheap and does not compromise quality may be cumbersome. When shopping for a cheap paddle one needs a paddle that will perform perfectly although cheap paddles at times come with a setback of falling apart, develops a dead spots and some feel uncomfortable to use the paddles. However although they are lots of paddles which a suitable for the game, we have come up with paddles which are affordable for one to purchase and kick start the games.

Paddles less that $50 comprise of Prince Synapse, Rally Miester wood, Head Radical Elite, Wilson Profile, Niupipu pickleball paddle, Champion Spark paddles, Amazing Aces paddle, Diller paddles, Kanga Pickleball paddle just to mention a few. These paddles are affordable to buy and at the same time they are of good quality hence one should not hesitate to grab one.

Rally Miester pickle ball wood

This paddle has been researched and concluded to be one of the top wood paddles available with features and performance. They have a light weight paddle and a high end cushion grip. Those players in need of a good quality , durable and inexpensive pickle ball, one is guaranteed to use these ones.

The Rally M is incredibly strong and lightweight with seven alternating plies of white maple. The paddle consist of a grip which is moisture wicking and cushioned for comfort and compress a little when squeezed. Paddle grip is a top-notch grip commonly seen on much more expensive composite paddles. The players get a tremendous feel through the elevated ribbing around the handle and the wrist straps are suitable for young players.

The paddle is relatively light weight and the weight ranges from 9-10.6 ounces. Moreso they have perforated cushion that is it has a good grip style. The paddle length is 5″ and has a quick response.


-great low cost set, great starting set, sturdy and well made materials


-not durable, the handle feels a little cheap

Bulldog Paddles graphite pickle ball paddle

The bulldog pickle ball paddle combines power and control . This paddle fully meets USAPA specifications and the graphite pickleball rackets are great for both advanced players who know what they want. The features are incredible that is a durable polymer honeycomb core, graphite face and edge guard. The paddle is lightweight and has a superior maneuverability .

Bulldog pickleball rackets are easy for beginners to use and also has a great intermediate and expert pickleball players. Racket features an incredible and comfortable easy to grip handle and a simple elegant design that sure to catch the eyes of the opponents and teammate alike.

The paddle has a unique and elegant design and also durable . The 8oz pickleball racket balance power and control whilst being versatile enough for all skill level. The arms and wrist or elbow do not hurt after using paddles therefore one can go ahead and purchase the bulldog paddle. The paddle also meets the USAPA specifications that is one can use the paddle for clubs, tournaments and family games.


-perfect balance, fantastic quality, lightweight


-core begins to break down after heavy use

Trepot Lightweight pickle ball paddle

These are beautifully designed and has an optional performance more so the racket is comfortable due to the presents of a premium contour cushion. They also have a proprietary Edge Guard and a comfortable grip. The Polymer Honey comb core is recognized as the softest paddle cores which provides the pickleball racket with redefined strength.

The paddle has a superior edge guard that is, high durability with a low profile edge guard hence protecting the paddle from hitting surfaces and core against court damage. Furthermore the paddle has a carbon fibre face and is lightweight for added speed and maneuverability. The power grip control is 8oz and expertly blends power with control. They are also sweat absorbent , cushioned and better grip.

The Trepot paddle includes 2 premium graphite pickleball paddles, 1 mesh carry ball bag, 4 outdoor pickleballs, 2 over grip rolls and 2 protective cases for convenient carry and storage paddles. The order comes with a well made box that makes it easily giftable . Therefore, try grabbing this well designed pickle ball paddle and enjoy your game.


-grip nicely wrapped on handles, lightweight


-experts might prefer a heavier paddle for extra power

Niupipo Pickleball paddle set

This paddle has a premium grip and perfectly sized handle with edge guard for protection. Furthermore, the face of this paddle is a graphite carbon fiber face with a polypyrene honeycomb core . The paddle is USAPA approved for tournament play and is another option for multiple graphite paddles. It has an advanced material and incredible value.

The racquet has been proved to be superior in texture , balance and therefore suitable for beginners. Wide body pickleball racquets shape with 4.5 inch grip length and 4.25 inch. one can do the wrist actions or change the hand flexibility. The paddle features a corner shield and interlocking neck guard greatly enhancing strength and durability. To add on, the paddle is well protected with a protective cover which has zippered neoprene cover.


-soft grip, great design, lightweight , less expensive


-weight may not be suitable for those with joint issues

Champion Spark Pickle ball paddle

This is one of the paddles that holds surprising speed and reactivity in its make and design. It consists of a composite face and polymer core combo that gives players an extra time to react to their opponents and ball positioning. The paddle uses a small grip that can be adapted to players of all sizes. The paddle offers a smooth and no grip that will enable the firmness during use.

The weight of the paddle is 6.7- 7.0oz and also to newbies, the paddle is extra appealing and it meets the USAPA guidelines for competitive use. Furthermore, for those who want a valuable and well rounded piece of equipment, this will be good for you. The grip is lightweight and fast handling , moreso it features a small grip that can be adapted to players of all ages.


-Neoprene zippered paddle cover, durable, thick polyprolyne, year manufacturer warranty


-too much power and not much control, slim grip, thick core that provides a paddle more agile, hence letting the player use more wrist action for great accuracy.

Diller pickle ball paddles

This paddle is classic and has a 7 ply hardwood diller paddle and 6 indoor/outdoor green pickleballs. The player has to feel comfortable with the paddle as it comprises of an original feel of the game. The set comes with a great feature that is a safety wrist strap and wrapped perforated cushion grips for comfort. The paddle is also ideal for beginners as it is lightweight and excellent value.

The paddle has a strong wood and slower flight balls for easy play. The most impressing news is that, it has been used for decades by schools, families, communities and clubs. The comfortable and secure cushion grips makes it easier for holding the paddle and also the paddle is relatively light weight. The grip circumference if 41/4 medium and the handle length is 5,5″ and width 7″.


-lightweight, perfect grip


-wood is fragile breaks easily

Kanga pickleball paddle

Yes! this name is derived from the name Kangaroo and the paddle has a feature of a Kangaroo with quality material. The wooden paddle is out from white maple with high quality perforated , black cushion grip. The grip is lightly cushioned with the wrist strap at the end . Just like tennis grips, they are of good standard length and circumference hence they should fit most players. However one can use overgrips to enlarge the handles until they fit well with your hands.

The set comes with 4 Kanga durable wood pickleball paddles and is green in colour. The paddle is great for beginners , clubs and families. The paddle is lightweight and is approximately 9.5-10.5oz, The paddle is authentically original and has a 1 year warranty.


-paddle work well with kids because its small, good design and colour, comfort grips


-not strong , edges may show signs of wear early due to lack of edge guard.

In a nutshell, for one to enjoy the pickle ball game you need to have the best paddle that does not leave you uncomfortable to use. Well! buying an expensive paddle does not mean you will enjoy the game, one can have a perfect game with friends using a paddle purchased for $50 and below. So wake up and smell the coffee, grab your cheap paddle with no quality compromised…..Cheers




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