Best pickleball paddle grips

Pickleball game is nolonger a backyard game it has reached tournament levels. This has made companies wish to improve the pickleball paddles through improving the grips. One would a broad range of technology material from composite to granite fiber. If you are looking for a pickleball grip then you have visited the ideal site we have reviewed quiet a number of best pickleball grips.

They are a number of grips manufactured and the heavyweight industries in this area is PROLITE and GAMMA however they are other brands that produce grips which are worth checking out. Grips on our list are easy to apply as they produce reliable, sticky and durable grips. So hey, check out the best pickleballs that we have reviewed and saw fit for your paddle

Alien Pro grip

This Alien Pro grip is precut, meaning to say you can apply the grip even in less than 60seconds. The grip provides a dry feel with zero spillage that keeps palm dry and cool and absorbs sweat easily. The Alien pro grips comes in different colors and this grip can give the paddle a completely feel and great look. So hey get this good looking grip with a durable and long lasting.


-its easy to apply, tackiness is good


-cushioning not comfortable

Gamma Sports Pickleball High-Tech Gel grip

This grip is comfortable and well cushioned and includes both the grips and the tape. If you get this grip, it gives your paddle a new look. However putting them on might be a challenge . The materials used on the grips are of good quality hence making them both tacky enough for secure grips. The gel adds some cooling effect and while the grips adds some thickness. it relieves pressure points.


-has a thicker grip for those who want thicker ones, has a gel cushioning to reduce fatigue


-hard to replace the grip

Prolite No sweat Diamond Grip

This grip was made from the best Proline pickleball paddles .This is a wrap grip meaning to say one has to wrap it around the handle. Moreso, the grip contains of a rubberized soft feel that is it increases ones firm hold of the paddle. The aggressive diamond shaped traction is designed for continuous control and less twisting in ones hand during contact with the ball. Its cushioned surfaces offer incredible comfort and a more firm feel.


-comfortable grip


-wrap does not have an adhesive

GAMMA Hi-Tech Gel pickleball Grip

This is one of the best paddle grips that features a thin layer of Zorbicon gel within the two sides of the uber -comfortable grip. Each grip has a measurement of 31″, the ideal length for a pickleball paddle grip. Hence there is no need to trim off extra length. This grip is highly cushioned and it features tacky surfaces which increases the pressure of handling of your pickleball paddle..The cushioned gel enables it reduce vibrations which may reduced tennis elbow development.


-Highly cushioned, comfortable , affodable

HEAD Xtreme Soft Pickleball Over grip

The grip adds extra tackiness and sweat absorption to your paddles handle. It consist of a super design that enables one to keep your grip circumfrence down hence providing enough extra feel so that one does not loose the paddle. Moreso, it has a longlasting design that is great and super for adding an extra feel and confidence to your game. This overgrip set comes in a set of three. Each have small perforations that is to allow for sweat to filter away from ones skin.


-good sense of touch when using the grip, comfortable

How to choose the best paddle grip

The first method requires one to have a pickleball racquet with a known grip size that has not been modified or built up. Hold the racquet with an Eastern Forehand grip, the palm of ones hand should be placed against the same level as the string face on the racquet. The index finger should be placed on your hand in the gap between the ends of your fingers and the hands palm. If the grip is too small it is noticed buy not having enough space for the index finger. Then if theres enough space then its big enough. Therefore one can note that using either grip that is too small or too big may cause damage to your elbow.

The second method requires one to have a tape measure or a ruler to measure. With your hitting finger facing you open it with your fingers extended and closed together. Then measure the distance between the bottom crease to the top of your ring finger. This distance should match your optimum grip size. Using a smaller grip with allow you for more wrist action in your swing. If ones grip size paddle is too small, you can use what we call an overgrip that is to build up the diameter of the grip.

In summation, one needs to have a proper paddle grip that will enable him to play the game freely without loosing the racquet. We have reviewed several grips and overgrips for you to choose and have an overview of the best grips. Replacement grips are also good so that one does not continue with a worn out grip . So hey! go on and check out for the best grips. Cheers