Best Outdoor Pickleball Shoes

Which shoes are the best for outdoor pickleball games for women and men?

Climate change has led to a rise in temperatures in most areas within the globe however this does not hinder people to have their games. Temperatures are rising and most people are ready to kick start their pickleball games. Most people have gathered their balls and paddles but please, do not forget your best outdoor pickleball shoes.

A perfect step from the court is when one is wearing the recommended pickleball shoes. One may debate or have worrisome thoughts on their health particularly when the feet are affected. No need to worry now Stepgenius.com made all the research needed for both men and women’s shoes for pickleball.

Pickleball is an American game designed by a family from Bainbridge Island, Washington. The game has elements from tennis, in which players use short-handled bats to hit a perforated plastic ball over the net. Therefore proper outdoor shoes such as K-Swiss Womens Hypercourt express, Adidas women’s barricade tennis shoes, ASICS Mens Gel Resolution 7, Nike Mens 200m Vapour 9.5 and Prince T22 just to mention a few, are the most ideal for this game. These shoes have been reviewed and found to be the best for pickleball outdoor games with all the comfort and durability you need.



Women love the comfort on their feet and the good news is that ASICS has designed their second edition shoe, the Gel-Resolution 7. The name is clear that this shoe is the 7th generation by ASICS to the Gel resolution women’s tennis shoes.

Purchase yours today and feel the comfort wearing shoes which have a gel cushioning that provides the whole shoe with proper air ventilation. Moreover , the Solyte Midsole material enhances great stability while keeping the shoe very light.

Pickleball players who often wore this brand alluded that this version is narrow than the previous Gel resolution model hence one needs to go up a bit, that is by half a size when buying the shoe. However, once they are broken in properly, they give the best comfort zone.

To add on, these shoes not only have comfort, they have been designed by what we may call the AHAR+ (ASICS High Abrasion Resistance Rubber), which is somehow a unique way of saying the shoe is made of quality rubber which is essential for rough terrains and surfaces in outdoor pickleball courts.

Furthermore, this shoe is durable and are breathable especially to those ladies with ankle challenges. With this type of shoes they can jump up and down not taking much caution on their feet but putting much concentration on hitting the ball.


  • AHAR+ rubber outsole for durability
  • lightweight
  • midsole material provides good support for the player


  • innersole tends to wear out within the first 5-6 months
  • the stiff ankle collar sits lower on the ankle so it may be bothersome


This shoe is a premium leather tennis shoe that gives comfort to the players. The company has managed to put a feather in its cap through the launching of the hypercourt expenses.

This was made possible through designing a sturdy , beautiful and comfortable leather shoe for women. The shoes have what we call the Aosta 7.0 rubber which gives an added heel to toe durability. This type of shoe also comes in several colors depending on your taste, that is yellow, raspberry and flashy lime.

This is good if one wants to match with the rest of the pickleball kit. Therefore it is of paramount importance to get a pair which leaves you sweat-free especially on long exhaustive hours.The breathable mesh layer on the shoes increases the efficiency and one can enjoy the game.


  • durable exterior and interior sole
  • great cushioning and comfort
  • it has a wide fit especially in the forefoot


  • if one normally buys wide sizes , it might be too wide
  • even if one ties laces extra tight, it’s hard to get stability


This type of shoe is built to deliver the best performance in women which is demanded by professionals. They have an upper that flexes with one’s foot and Geofit padding for one to feel comfortable .

For every twist and lunge, the Barricade chassis adds stability in the midfoot thus providing support . The label Adidas does not only come with fashion but it creates durability in every shoe’s design.

So to those ladies who only wore Adidas shoes only because of the label, step.genius has found other best reasons why you should purchase Adidas shoes. The shoe naturally adjusts to your foot’s shape as they feature an extra soft knit upper which provides a state of physical ease.

The outer part of the shoe comprises of the Adituff-Adidas property abrasion resistance material . This prevents excessive wear and tear . The insoles provide plenty of cushioning and the inner surfaces have a plush interior around the ankle collar. Therefore those ladies with ankle problems, Adidas Barricade is the best solution to your problem.


  • comfortable knit upper
  • outer part is durable
  • comfortable, soft and has an ankle collar


  • the shoe is the heaviest in the list and this may lead to fatigue



Nike released a new pair of shoes which turned out to be the best outdoor pickleball shoes preferred by most pickleball male players. No need to worry, everything people loved about the previous version of Nike is still there.

Pickleball players are still going to get the tons of stability and comfort from these shoes. The durability of the shoe is still available and these shoes have been reviewed as one of the best which serves the purpose of competition.

It is designed in a way that the upper foot is able to hug your foot in a more comfortable way as compared to the previous version. The shoe is made up of a synthetic fiber and has a lace closure which is adjustable so that one can perfectly feet. Furthermore this type of shoe can suit those with backpain due to hard impact on their feet and heels.

The “Adaptive Fit” lacing is a vapour used by Nike design which accommodates different foot shapes and provides a comfortable and snug fit. One may need to take note that this shoe is a collaboration with Tinks Hafield and Rodger Federer. However, if one has a problem with arches, this shoe might not be the best for you.


  • comfortable and lightweight
  • they come in different colors
  • durable and strong


  • shoe tongue moves around
  • the pair has a short lifetime on clay courts


This is a new shoe that gives you a simple look let alone delivering big deals. They offer a stability and support system which leaves the brand to be one of the best rated pickleball shoe.

One can run or jump across the court because the New balance design has a roll bar type infrastructure that enhances a free and better movement. The durability of the shoe is essential and with this shoe there is a rubber toe protector so as to reinforce the area.

The new balance 806 features a C-CAP and an exclusive ROLLBAR technology for enhancing maximum motion control. This shoe is lighter than ever and stylish with full grain leather . It also comprises of a lightning quick dry lining which absorbs moisture away to enable feet to be dry. They also have a herringbone outsole which is distinct from other shoes.The toe box is perforated for ventilation and also its available in classic white.


  • good loop lacing system and has a long tongue
  • warm and comfortable
  • well reinforced toe


  • poor insole
  • shoes are only available in white
  • less cushioning


ASICS mens dedicate 5 is a synthetic shoe with a rubber sole which enhances traction, reduces shock and also provides support that will enable pickleball players feel comfortable. Just like other ASICS brands, this shoe features a gel cushioning that is only provided by ASICS .

The shoe has been reviewed to be affordable and this matches with its performance hence its rated as one of the best men’s outdoor pickleball shoe on the market. This shoe protects the foot and ankle from injury due to its padding on the front of the shoe. The toes are protected from blunt force that may be due to the forward movement during the game .

ASICS men’s dedicate shoes frees men from blisters or pain and this increases their performance . Therefore a proper pickleball shoe for men is important to purchase so that one’s health is not at stake. The solid rubber outsole provides enhanced durability and traction moreover, the trusstic system technology reduces the weight of the sole unit and at the same time maintaining the structural integrity of the shoe.


  • shoe is stylish
  • the shock impact is softened by the forefoot gel technology cushioning
  • solid rubber compound
  • breathable and comfortable


  • does not have a lot of stability feature
  • not suitable for people with wide feet
  • sticky on clay


The selection of pickleball shoes is a bit tedious and somewhat tiresome especially where there is a wide range of products. Therefore a buyer’s guide is vital so as so assist customers with necessary information about pickleball shoes.


It is imperative for pickleball players to have a cushioning within the shoes since the player has to jump up and down . Pickleball shoes not only provide cushioning to the player but they also prevent from sprains and injuries which might be caused by sudden impacts during the games.


Rains normally come with slippery courts which become a hindrance to the pickleball players especially when they do not have proper shoes. Shoes with proper traction avoid friction and accidents hence these shoes serves the best purpose. They have a material like rubber which provide comfort.


It becomes a challenge for pickleball players to jump up and down in order to make scores if the shoes are not flexible enough. Shoes should enable one to move and also cause you to flex for up to 90 degrees. One may end up tripping off and getting injured due to the rigid shoes.


Never buy shoes because you are fascinated by the color but there is need to check on the durability of the pair of shoe. Therefore players should not compromise the quality of the shoes, be it for pickleball games or athletics. If the shoes are durable, one can move up and down without fear of damaging the shoe. Pickleball shoes lasts for up to 5 years, that is for a standard pickleball shoes, however, it will depend on how often you wear the shoe.


  1. Which fabric is the most ideal for pickleball shoes? -Different materials are combined together so as to come up with the best shoe . Moreover, the outer soles of the shoes are generally made of durable rubber which is comfortable . The top portion is made of leather and mesh and also the midsole could be made of a soft material.
  2. Is it recommended to buy different shoes for both indoor or outdoor pickleball games? -For shoes to last longer it is important to buy different shoes for both indoor and outdoor games. This is due to the fact that the courts are made of different type of material which may cause damage to the shoes. Most importantly outdoor games might have a slippery ground therefore a specific type of shoe should match the courts.
  3. Can one consider weight when choosing pickleball shoes? -Absolutely yes, the weight of the shoes should be considered. The way womens shoes are designed is different from those of men due to the difference in physical structure between men and women. Therefore closer attention is to be considered before buying the shoes . Womens pickleball shoes is normally ranged from 9-11 ounces while those for men is usually between 11-15 ounces of weight.


Choosing the best shoes for the pickleball game may be overwhelming and time consuming since more research has to be done. On the market, a wide variety of shoes are available therefore one needs to have vast knowledge on the best outdoor pickleball shoe for the sport.

Selecting the best shoe may be cumbersome however from researching one will finally get the best shoe to kick start the game with a winning heart. For one’s health safety, the pickleball shoes should be of quality so that there is a reduction in effects of blisters and swollen feet.

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