Best Outdoor Pickleball Ball

The reason why most people prefer the outdoor pickleball game to the indoor one is that it’s refreshing. To our surprise, there is actually a difference between indoor and outdoor pickleballs and you should be careful when choosing them for the game.

People have different expectations when purchasing pickleballs and it all comes down to the reason why you want to buy the balls. It could be due to tournaments you want to take part in or just casual playing at home and clubs. Another factor is the level at which the player is at on the game and these balls are best for different levels.

Having a complete pickleball set is a plus one when playing the game. This includes a good quality paddle, net, and balls just to mention a few. Today we are going to review the best outdoor pickleball balls that will make your game fun and easy to play. So let us dive in!

Differences between Indoor and Outdoor pickleball

Indoor pickleball is specially designed for smoother surfaces and where there is less air or wind interference hence being lightweight. It has the following features;

  • has larger holes and are few
  • is lighter in weight(about 0.8 ounces)
  • bounce level is low
  • made from softer plastic
  • has less power

Outdoor pickleball is specifically designed for hard surfaces and taking into consideration that wind might be a barrier. That is why it is made heavier in order to navigate these characteristics. It has the following features;

  • has smaller holes and are numerous
  • is heavier in weight(about 0.9 ounces)
  • bounce level is high
  • made from harder plastic
  • have more power and makes more noise

Great! You now know the differences between these balls and have a clear picture of when you are choosing the best outdoor pickleball for your game. So below is a brief review of the best brands which include ONIX, FRANKLIN, and DURA. Let’s quickly go into it.

Review of the Best Outdoor Pickleball balls

Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball

One of the best pickleball that is well designed for that outdoor game you are enthusiastic about. They come in numerous different packs from as little as a 3 pack to a 24 pack so the choice is absolutely yours.

The great seam welding provides good durability and the risk of splitting is reduced. It has smaller holes and is heavier in order to resist wind. The holes are precisely and perfectly aligned to create a good balance.

These balls are of high quality and generally have a good bounce. If you want a long-lasting, soft and bouncer ball, then Onix Pure 2 is a good one.

Franklin Sports X-40 Pickleball

This 12-pack package of optic yellow pickleballs will keep you in the court all day. They have an average weight of 26g and are USA Pickleball Association(USAPA) approved. The 40 machine drilled holes offer a balanced architecture.

These pickleballs are good if you are a casual player and the color is aesthetic. It offers great value for money and is durable. They are quite affordable and definitely worth a try if you want to stay longer with them.

Gamma Sports Photon Pickleball

It is a USAPA approved ball best suited for all your tournaments. You don’t really need to worry as these are well visible balls and offer a consistent play level worth the value of your money.

Let your skill make you win the tournament with these well-balanced balls and don’t let poor quality balls compromise your win. The ball has more weight and together with the numerous holes it makes fly more easily even in mildly windy conditions.

Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball

If you need a softer ball for your pickleball game then this is a good one. It also has consistency in its bounce and better durability compared to others. One of the advantages of using this ball is that it can be used by players of all levels.

These balls are made of plastic and are yellow in colour. They have a 1-year warranty according to the product’s description, therefore, no need to worry if anything goes wrong.


Dura Fast 40 Pickleball

These neon seamless plastic balls are designed by a company that actually invented the game, “Pickle-ball Inc”. Amazing right! The good part is they really know what the game needs in a ball as they are the founders, therefore you won’t go wrong.

The walls of the ball are thick hence prolonging its life span. It has a total of forty(40) randomized pattern holes that are for strength and provision of a good bounce. A weight of 0.92 ounces helps them fly up high even on a windy day.

It is USAPA approved and can be used for a tournament play. The only significant drawback is that of less durability. One ball can only go for a maximum of 2 games whilst still intact.

TOP(The Outdoor Pickleball) ball

It is originally made by PickleballCentral and best suited for outdoor games. They are rotationally molded to perform and fly straight in the air without any hindrance. TOP balls are one of the best outdoor pickleball with good longevity.

Research shows that the life span is 3-10 games in harsh conditions. The neon colour is easily visible when playing the game. However, they do not seem to bounce higher as compared to other brands.

Tourne Strike Outdoor Pickleball

This is a 40 drilled hole ball that works best in windy conditions and is quite balanced. If you don’t want to spend much on pickleballs then this 12-pack will do justice. It is durable though the balls are not smoothly rounded.

These balls come in a reusable mesh bag and aid you in storage. The holes are differently sized which causes arching hence making it difficult to practise serves or corner shots. Therefore it is important to take note of that.



Outdoor pickleball game requires some specific features on a ball, for example, numerous holes and being heavy. Please take note of the listed features we mentioned above on the outdoor pickleball. If you are looking for a tournament ball, we highly recommend the Dura Fast 40 Pickleball as it is USAPA approved. However, if you want to stay longer with the balls without worrying much about tournaments then the Franklin Sports X-40 Pickleball and Onix Pure 2 outdoor pickleball would be ideal. We hope you found this post useful and you are ready for that fun game. Best of luck!